Monaco 17/1/2013: Sainte Devote Church

At 17/1/2013 Prince Albert and Princess Charlène visited the
Sainte Devote Church in Monaco.

The Royal Couple received a late wedding present,from the Italian
Community in Monaco. Prince Albert and Princess Charlène, received an organ
for the St. Devote Church.

A few weeks ago I visited Monaco.
These are my pictures from the Sainte Devote Church.

Sainte Dévote Church Moncao
Inside view of the church.

January 27th 2013, is a public holliday in Monaco.
Then they celebrate Sainte Devote.

Who was Sainte Devote (legend)?

Sainte Devote was a young Corsican Virgin who decided to devote herself
as servant of God. For her faith she was punished.
Her mouth was crushed and her body was dragged through rocks.

After her death, the governor ordered that her body must be burned.
Christians saved her.

Her body was placed on a boat for Africa.
However there came a storm which took the boot to Monaco.

At the place where the boot came to land there already was a chapel
for St.George. The body of St. Devote was discovered by fishermen.
In her honor a new chapel was built.
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