The Weekend Special - Maria Feodorovna of Russia - Sibblings

Bernstorff Palace - A Royal Danish Summer Residence - 
Source: Wikipedia

Christian IX of Denmark and his wife Louise of Hesse had 6
children and 39 grandchildren.

The Danish Royal Family - in 1862- Source: Wikipedia

1/ Frederick VIII of Denmark.

 Source picture: Wikipedia

He married Louise of Sweden.

2/ Alexandra of Denmark

 Source picture: Wikipedia

She married Edward VII of the United Kingdom and became 
Queen Consort of the UK.

3/ Dagmar of Denmark (the topic of our Weekend Special)

4/ George I of Greece

 Source picture: Wikipedia

He married Grand Duchess Olga Constantinovna of Russia.
These were the grandparents of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, 
husband of Queen Elizabeth
and the great-grandparents of Queen Sofía of Spain.

5/ Princess Thyra of Denmark

 Source picture: Wikipedia

She married Ernst August, Crown Prince of Hanover in 1878.

6/ Prince Valdemar of Denmark

 Source picture: Wikipedia

He married Princess Marie of Orléans.

This was a post about the sibblings and who married who....
But it's interesting to know more about the family 
connections of the European Royals.
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