The Weekend Special - Princess Charlène of Monaco - Wedding

The Wedding between Prince Albert II of Monaco and Princess Charlène took place on
July 1st. and July 2nd. 2011 at the Prince's Palace in Monaco.

Travel Monaco Royal Palace

Prince's Palace of Monaco - Own pictures, taken in 2013

Princess Charlène is sometimes called the Runaway Bride. 
Newspapers reported that the future princess tried to leave Monaco. 
She would be intercepted by the police at Nice Côte d'Azur Airport.
They confiscated her passport. Prince Albert & Palace Officials had 
to make 'intensive convincing' to stay. 

The Royal Couple said that this news was based on 'ugly rumors 
born out of jealousy'

In fact a two-day public holiday for the celebrations was declared 
in Monaco.  Wow! What a splendid declaration of Prince Albert II.

For the Civil Wedding, Princess Charlène wore a blue silk jacket with 
ankle-length pants. The piece was designed by Chanel.

For the religious wedding Princess Charlène wore an Armani 
Wedding Dress.

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