Royal Destinations-The Netherlands-Rotterdam

Rotterdam Central Station own picture taken in 2013

Rotterdam is probably not the first city which is thought of as Royal Destination.
Still it has a Royal Connections.

Some history

After World War II, Rotterdam was destroyed.
A huge process of rebuilding started.

In the Town Hall there are statues of Queen Wilhelmina and her
husband Prince Hendrik.

In 2014 the Central Station of Rotterdam was officially opened by
King Willem Alexander of the Netherlands.

Shopping fans are in Rotterdam on the Right Place.
I've never seen so much shops together.

Shops Rotterdam The Netherlands

De Bijenkorf - own picture

shopping streets - own picture

shopping streets own picture

I really thought I had arrived in the Shopping Walhalla. 

Some landmarks ....

Landmarks of Rotterdam 

Houses in Rotterdam The Netherlands

Landmarks in Rotterdam

Rotterdam & Boats 

monument in Rotterdam

Be sure! A two-day visit to Rotterdam really is too Short!
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