The Weekend Special - Jaime de Bourbon-Parma - Zita

One of the 24 children of Robert I, Duke of Parma was Zita.
In 1911, she married Charles of Austria.

Travel Volksgarten Vienna Austria Wien

Own picture of the Volksgarten in Vienna (Wien) in Austria 

Wedding of Charles I of Austria and Zita - Source: Wikipedia

They had 8 children:

1/ Otto of Austria;
2/ Archduchess Adelheid;
3/ Archduke Robert (father of Prince Lorenz (husband of Princess Astrid of Belgium));
4/ Archduke Felix;
5/ Archduke Carl Ludwig;
6/ Archduke Rudolf;
7/ Archduchess Charlotte;
8/ Archduchess Elisabeth.

In 1914, Archduke Franz Ferdinand (nephew and heir of Franz Joseph,
Emperor of Austria) and his wife Sophie, Duchess of Hohenberg were 
in Sarajevo. Charles I (husband of Zita) became heir to the throne of the
Austrian Empire.

In 1916, Franz-Joseph (husband of Elisabeth of Austria (Sisi)) died.
After the death of Franz Joseph, 
Charles I succeeded the throne. 

Zita became Empress of Austria,Queen of Hungary and Croatia and
Queen of Bohemia. 

Source: Wikipedia

In 1918, after the first World War, Charles I was forced to abdicate
(Austria was proclaimed as a Republic).
The family was exiled. They lived in several countries through Europe, the
United States of America and Canada.

Charles I died in 1922 in Madeira (Portugal).
Zita died in 1989 in Switzerland.
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