The Weekend Special - Ludwig II of Bavaria - Love & ...

Source picture: Wikipedia

In 1867, the engagement of King Ludwig II of Bavaria and
Duchess Sophie Charlotte in Bavaria,
the youngest sister of Empress Elisabeth of Austria (Sisi)
was published.

Source picture: Ludwig II and Duchess Sophie

Ludwig II canceled their engagement. He wrote his former fiancee a lettre:

'My beloved Elsa! Your cruel father has torn us apart. 
Eternally yours, Heinrich.'
The names Elsa and Heinrich were characters from a Wagner's Opera. 

Later, Duchess Sophie Charlotte in Bavaria married
Prince Ferdinand, Duke of Alençon.

She became the granddaughter-in-law of King Louis Philippe I of France.

More about King Louis Philippe I of France see my Today of History of October 6th.

In my next blogpost I'll talk about King Ludwig's famous castles.
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