The Weekend Special - Ludwig II of Bavaria - Castles

One of the reasons I want to visit Munich is due to King Ludwig II.

His Castles really are amazing and very popular.
Besides the Bavarian landscape is wonderful with a lot of lakes,
mountains and a great nature.

Bavarian Alps - Source picture: Wikipedia

Ludwig II gave the order to build many castles. This led to a huge personal debt.
The most famous castle is Neuschwanstein.

Source picture: Wikipedia

2/ Linderhof Palace

Linderhof Palace was the smallest of Ludwig's Palaces. 
This was completed during his life.

The Venusgrotte @ Linderhof Palace - Source picture: Wikipedia

3/ Herrenchiemsee

This complex of Royal buildings is located at an isle in the Chiemsee,
a lake in Bavaria.

Chiemsee - Source picture: Wikipedia

King Ludwig II left behind a huge collection of plans of castles
that were never built.

Was King Ludwig II mad or genial? Well I'll tell it in my next blogpost!

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