Interesting places- Kos - The Asclepeion and Hippocrates

Kos is a Greek island, which belong to the group of 'Dodecanese' isles in the
southeastern Aegean Sea. Kos is located near the Turkish coast(+/- 4 km - 2 miles).

Asclepeion at the isle of Kos - own picture

The Asclepeion and its importance

The Asclepeion is a well known tourist attraction with a 
huge history. Here, Hippocrates would have taken medical training.

Hippocrates - Source picture: Wikipedia

Hippocrates became the personal physician of Roman Emperor, Marcus Aurelius.
Hippocrates was considered as the father of the medicine. He was the first to see
natural instead of supernatural causes...

Also the Hippocratic Oath (an oath taken by physicians and other healthcare
professionals swearing to practice medicine honestly)
is called after him.
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