Royal Destinations outside Europe - Paramaribo - Suriname

Paramaribo is the capital and the largest city of Suriname. The city is located on
the banks of the Suriname River. The historic center of Paramaribo is listed on
the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Source picture: Wikipedia

First Suriname was an English colony. Later the country came in Dutch
hands. In Suriname it is a lot warmer than in The Netherlands. Paramaribo features
a Tropical Rainforest Climate.

The major exports of Suriname are gold, sugar cane, rice, cacao, coffee, rum and
tropical woods. Tourism increases, most of all by visitors coming from
The Netherlands.

In Paramaribo there are different religious buildings like:
- synagogue;
- mosque;
- roman catholic church and
- Hindu Temple.

Paramaribo - Source picture: Wikipedia

Suriname and Paramaribo weren't on my To Visit Wish List, but the destination
really looks interesting to me. In particular because of the Dutch language and the
colonial history. 

On next links you'll see pictures of the former Queen Beatrix of The Netherlands
in Suriname. (Text in Dutch)

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