The Weekend Special is about John F. Kennedy - Family

The father of John F. Kennedy was Joseph P. Kennedy.
He was a successful businessman, investor and government administrator.

Joseph and Rose Kennedy - Source: Wikipedia

His marriage in 1917 with Rose Elizabeth Fitzgerald joined two of Boston's most
prominent Irish-American political families.

Boston Old State House - Source: Wikipedia

They were young, successful and had 9 children. But they had a lot of personal tragedies.

In 1944 their eldest son, Joseph Patrick 'Joe' Kennedy Jr. died in an airplane crash
over the English Channel.

Source picture: Wikipedia

John F. 'Jack' Kennedy was the 35th.  president of the United States of America.
He was assassinated on November 22nd. 1963.

Kathleen Agnes 'Kick' Kennedy married William 'Billy' Cavendish, Marquess of Hartington.
Billy was popular but an anglican. 
Because of the faith Kathleen's mother didn't agree with  her choice.
Billy died in 1944 during World War II in Belgium.
Kathleen 'Kick' Kennedy died in an airplane crash in 1948 in France.
Kathleen was buried in the Cavendish family plot at Saint Peter's Church in Edensor
(England). Short before his death in 1963, John F. Kennedy visited her grave. 

Robert Francis 'Bobby' Kennedy was an American Senator.
He was assassinated in  1968 in Los Angeles.

 The Kennedy's were a family who reached a lot.

One of John's sisters, Eunice Mary Kennedy was an international advocate for the 
developmentally disabled and founded the Special Olympics. 

I found the history of the Kennedy Family really interesting. They were prominent
in the United States of America but like everybody, they had their personal worries. 

Kennedy Family in september 1963 - Source picture: Wikipedia

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