Today in History - November 6th. 1650- William II, Prince of Orange

On November 6th. 1650, William II, Prince of Orange
died in The Hague (The Netherlands).

Park The Hague
The Hague Own picture

William II was the son of the stadtholder:
Frederick Henry, Prince of Orange and
Amalia of Solms - Braunfels.

William II - Source picture: Wikipedia

Frederick Henry and Amalia of Solms and some of their children

William II married Mary Henrietta, Princess Royal.

Mary Henrietta - Source picture: Wikipedia

Mary Henrietta was the daughter of King Charles I of England and his wife
Henrietta Maria of France.

King Charles I and his family - Source picture: Wikipedia

For me these topics are very interesting. It shows the complicated family
mazes between the European Royal Families.

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