In the spirit of Chirstmas

Every year, people around the world celebrate Christmas.
But what is Christmas?
What are the traditions with the Royals?

A modern Christmas Tree - Own picture

Christmas is a annually holiday, generally celebrated on December 25th. 
It is the commemoration of the birth of Jesus Christ. 

Actually Christmas came from a Germanic Tradition. 
Germanic people celebrated around December 21st. the feast of the Light 
called 'Yule'.

Evil spirits were driven away and the light was greeted.
Scandinavian people still call Christmas Jul

A scandinavian Jul Party 
Source picture: Wikipedia

Traditionally, Christmas is celebrated with family. 

What about the Royals?

Many Royals will give a speech.
Some of them (like Queen Elizabeth of the United Kingdom) have their own traditions...

So, this blog will be devoted to Christmas for one Week with ...

Royals & Traditions
Speeches ...
& a lot of History!

I wish you all a great Christmas Week!
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