In The Spirit of Christmas - Royal Speeches

Yesterday many European Royals gave their traditional Christmas Speech.

Old microphone
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Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg looked back on the year 2013 during his speech.
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Grand Duke Henri and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa
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Although Romania has a president, King Michael of Romania gives a Christmas
Speech each year.

King Michael I of Romania
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For the first time since 30 years, Catalonian Public television refused to
broadcast King Juan Carlos's Christmas Speech.


King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden will remember 2013 for a long time....

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The Netherlands

For King Willem-Alexander it was the first time that he gave a Christmas Speech.
So a lot of people were curious. The text of the speech was already public before it
was broadcasted on television.

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King Willem-Alexander of The Netherlands
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United Kingdom

Queen Elizabeth of the United Kingdom mentioned the birth of Prince George
as important in 2013.

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