The Weekend Special is about Queen Silvia of Sweden - House of Bernadotte

On June 19th. 1976, Silvia married King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden in the
Stockholm Cathedral.

Tower of the Stockholm Cathedral
Source picture: Wikipedia

King Carl XVI Gustaf is a member of the House of Bernadotte

The House of Bernadotte originally is a French family.

Coat of Arms of the House of Bernadotte
Source picture: Wikipedia

In 1810 Jean-Baptiste Bernadotte, a general from the army of Napoleon Bonaparte,
was elected by the Swedish Parliament to become the new King of Sweden. 

He actually became King of Sweden in 1818 (after the Congress of Vienna) . 
Jean-Baptiste Bernadotte reigned as Charles XIV of Sweden (and Norway). 
He married Désirée Clary. 

Since then members of the Swedish Royal Family are members of 
the House of Bernadotte. 
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