The Weekend Special - King William I of The Netherlands

King William I was born on August 24th. 1772 in The Hague. His parents were
William V, Prince of Orange and Princess Wilhemina of Prussia.

William V, Prince of Orange, his wife Princess Wilhelmina of Prussia and their children 
Source picture: Wikipedia

In 1791, William I (in Dutch Willem Frederik) married his cousin Wilhelmina of Prussia.
Together they had 4 children:

the later King William II;
Willem 'Frederik' Karel;
Wilhelmina Frederika Louise 'Pauline' Charlotte;
and Wilhelmina Frederika Louisa Charlotte 'Marianne'.

In 1813, Napoleon Bonaparte lost the Battle of Leipzig. 
He was forced to abdicate and exiled on the ilse of Elba.

William I returned to The Netherlands. 

William I arrived in Amsterdam in 1813
Source picture: Wikipedia

In 1815, Napoleon escaped from Elba. 
Finally he was defeated in Waterloo (now located in Belgium).

In 1815, during the Congress of Vienna, King William I recieved the 
Kingdom of The Netherlands. He also became Grand Duke of Luxembourg.

My country, Belgium, was a part of The United Kingdom of The Netherlands.
So we also had William I as King. In 1830 Belgium became independent.

King William I of The Netherlands died in 1843.
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