The Weekend Special - King William II of The Netherlands

On December 6th. 1792 Willem Frederik George Lodewijk of Orange-Nassau
(William II) was born.

His parents were King William I of The Netherlands and Princess Wilhelmina
of Prussia.

William II spent his youth in Berlin at the Prussian Court. He followed a military
education and served in the Prussian Army. Afterwards he studied at the
University of Oxford (United Kingdom).

King William II - Source picture: Wikipedia

In 1815, he took service in the army when Napoleon I of France escaped from Elba.
He fought in the Battle of Waterloo and was wounded.

Battle of Waterloo - Source picture: Wikipedia

Although he loved both men and women, William II married in 1816
Anna Pavlovna, Grand Duchess of Russia and sister of Tsar Alexander I.

In 1819, he was blackmailed about his bisexuality.

In 1840, his father abdicated. He became King William II of The Netherlands.

King William II of The Netherlands died in 1849.

With this post, I'll end my Weekend Special. I wish you all a great Week
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