Today in History - January 31rd. 1938 - Princess Beatrix of The Netherlands

Beatrix Wilhelmina Armgard was born on January 31rd 1938 in Soestdijk Palace in
Baarn (The Netherlands).

Queen Juliana (then Princess) and Prince Bernhard
Attribution: Spaarnestad Photo, SFA001016513 via Nationaal Archief

Her parents were Queen Juliana of The Netherlands and Prince Bernhard.
(See picture above).

Her five godparents were:
King Leopold III of the Belgians;
Princess Alice, Countess of Athlone;
Elisabeth, Princess of Erbach-Schönberg;
Duke Adolf Friedrich of Mecklenburg;
Countess Allene de Kotzebue.

In 1966, Princess Beatrix married Claus von Amsberg, a German diplomate.
Prince Claus died in 2002.

Princess Beatrix was Queen of The Netherlands from April 30th. 1980  till
April 30th.  2013. 

King Willem-Alexander - Princess Beatrix and Queen Máxima
on April 30th. 2013 - Source picture: Wikipedia

Princess Beatrix's B-Day is celebrated in The Netherlands. There will be a lot of
programs on Dutch television.

This is an important day. It is the first B-Day after the abdication of Beatrix.
I still have difficulties with her title. For me, she always will be a Queen instead
of a Princess.  

On February 1st. 2014 there will be a big celebration in the Ahoy Rotterdam
(convention centre) with the theme 'Thank you Queen Beatrix'.

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the Dutch Royal Family

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celebration in Rotterdam (text in Dutch)
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