Olympic Winter Games in Sochi - February 7th. 2014

February 7th. 2014 marks the start of the Olympic Winter Games.
The event will take place in Sochi (Russia).

As always I'm very interested in some history.

From 1900 till 1910, Sochi turned into a sea resort.
The first resort was opened in 1909.
It was called the: Kavkazskaya Rivièra Resort.

Old postcard of the Kavkazskaya Rivièra Resort
Source picture: Wikipedia
Author picture: Granbergs Konstindustri Aktiebolags Förlag

This evening there will be an opening ceremony.

There will be a lot of Royals in Sochi:

King Willem-Alexander of The Netherlands and his wife Queen Máxima;
Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg and his son, Prince Félix;
Prince Albert of Monaco and his wife Princess Charlène;
Anne, Princess Royal of the United Kingdom;
Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark;
& Princess Nora of Liechtenstein.
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