Historical Hotels - Hotel Country Club in Lima - Peru

With my blogpost about Historical Hotels, I stay in South America. This week I chose
the Hotel Country Club in Lima (capital of Peru).

Hotel Country Club 
Source picture: Wikipedia

The hotel was finished in 1927. The opening of the accommodation took place
on February 8th. 1927. It was former president, Augusto B. Leguía who attended
the Opening Ceremony.

President Augusto B. Leguía on the cover of Time
Source picture: Wikipedia

It became a very exclusive Hotel with a lot of notable guests like:
Duke of Windsor, King George IV of the United Kingdom, Charles de Gaulle,
president Richard Nixon, Ernest Hemingway and John Wayne.

Even Queen Máxima of the Netherlands stayed last week one night in this 
distinguished accomodation.

In the 1980's there was a economical crisis which struck the Hotel. It had to
close but in 1998 the hotel opened its doors again.

The restaurant of the Country Club Hotel is well known and earned several

Country Club Hotel
Source picture: Wikipedia

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