March 2014 - Princess Astrid of Belgium visited Saudi Arabia and Oman

Last week Princess Astrid of Belgium (sister of King Philippe) had a very
busy business trip to Saudi Arabia and Oman.

She was accompanied by the Belgian federal minister of Foreign Affairs,
several other ministers and a lot of businessmen.

This wasn't a pleasure trip. Every minute of the princess was planned.
The mission was too big to write it down in one blogpost.
So, I'll make several day to day blogposts about the topic.

Saudi Arabia on the Map
Source picture: Wikipedia

Princess Astrid left Belgium on Friday March 14th. 2014. The next day
she arrived in Riyadh (capital of Saudi Arabia). Her first stop was a visit
to the National Museum.  This was established as a cultural and civilization 
center of the Arabian History. The National Museum opened its doors in 1999.

Princess Astrid of Belgium - Screenshot

Later that day, she met Prince Sultan bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud.
In 2000, he became the Secretary-General of the Supreme Commission for
Tourism and Antiquities. In fact he is regarded as the Tourism Minister of
Saudi Arabia.

Princess Astrid attended a dinner hosted by that prince. This marked the end
of her first day in Riyadh.
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