The Weekend Special is about The Academy Awards - Oscars - Movie Awards

Normally I won't write posts about the Academy Awards or the Oscars but this year
I would like to make an exception.

Actors Fontaine-Cooper with their Oscar
Source picture: Wikipedia

With the words of King Philippe of Belgium:
"Let us be proud of our beautiful Country",
I'll start my second Weekend Special.

Prince Laurent of Belgium (brother of King Philippe) will follow the
Oscar Awards in the Sandton Grand Hotel Reylof in Ghent.
The event is organized by the International Film festival of Flanders.

This year the Oscars are very important for our country. A Belgian movie is
nominated for the category: Best Foreign Language film.
It is The Broken Circle Breakdown.

On next link you can see the trailer of the movie.
I'm a huge fan of the Bluegrass music which is in the film
and I really cried with the last scene.

Well, I hope that they will win the Oscar. But the other nominated movies
also are very good.

Besides the nomination I'm very curious about the Oscar dresses.
I'm sure we'll see next summer trends.

With this post, I'll end my Weekend Special. I hope you'll all have a good
start of the brand new week.

The Broken Circle Breakdown did not win the Oscar but I saw lovely dresses
on the red carpet. On next link you can see some (text in Dutch).

On next link you can vote for the best Oscar Dress.
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