Treetuesday picture - Dinant - Belgium

This week's Treetuesday picture is taken in Dinant.

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Dinant Belgium

Dinant is a Walloon City in Belgium with a huge and important History.
The name comes from Divo Nanto or Sacred/Devine Valley.

It was mentioned for the first time in the 7th. century.

In the 11th. century, Henry IV, Holy Roman Emperor, granted Dinant
market and justice rights.

In 1466, Philip The Good, Duke of Burundy, punished an uprising in
Dinant by casting 800 citizens in the Meuse. Afterwards he gave the order
to set fire in the city.

During the 16th. and 17th. century there were several wars between France
and Spain. Dinant suffered destruction, famine and epidemics despite its

Later the city was occupied by the Austrians.

On August 23rd. 1914, 674 inhabitants were executed by German troops during
World War I.

Dinant also is the birth place of Adolphe Sax, the inventor of the Saxophone.

So, this was my Treetuesday picture, with a bit of History of Dinant.
I hope you liked it. Have a wonderful Tuesday!

On the site 'Dag na Dag' from Guido Logie you can see some cool pictures
about Saxophones in Dinant. Link
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