Today in History - July 2nd. 1849 - Maria Theresa of Austria - Este, Last Queen consort of Bavaria

Maria Theresia Henriette Dorothea of Austria-Este was born on July 2nd. 1849
in Brünn (now located in the Czech Republic).

Maria Theresa of Austria -Este - Source picture: Wikipedia

She was the daughter of Archduke Ferdinand of Austria-Este and
Archduchess Elisabeth Franziska of Austria.

Maria Theresa had very important ancestors.

1/ paternal grandparents

Francis IV, Duke of Modena and Princess Maria Beatrice of Savoy.

2/ maternal grandparents

Archduke Joseph Anton of Austria and Duchess Maria Dorothea of Württemberg.

Early childhood

On December 15th. 1848, Maria Theresa's father died of typhoid. The girl was
raised by her mother.


When Prince Ludwig, oldest son of Prince Regent Luitpold of Bavaria,
attended the state burial of Archduchess Mathilde of Austria
he never thought, that there he would meet his future wife, although he did.

Prince Ludwig and Archduchess Maria Theresa of Austria-Este fell in love.
Initially this angered the Emperor who had wished for her to marry
Ferdinand IV, Grand Duke of Tuscany.

On February 20th. 1868, Maria Theresa married Prince Ludwig,
of Bavaria in the Augustinian Church in Vienna.

The couple moved to farms near Munich where Maria Theresa
spent much of her time with raising her children. She also had very
famous rose gardens.

Queen Consort

In 1913 Maria Theresa became Queen Consort, when her husband
proclaimed himself as King Ludwig III, because his cousin Otto
was insane to reign.

She spoke German, French, Czech, Hungarian and Italian fluently.
During World War I, she was a great patriot and supported the
Habsburg Monarchy.

On November 7th. 1918, King Ludwig III was forced to abdicate.
The family fled outside Munich to escape from the Bolsheviks.

Maria Theresa died on February 3rd. 1919.

Maria Theresa of Austria-Este, Last Queen Consort of Bavaria
Source picture: Wikipedia

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