Exhibition: Albert I of Belgium ... in a bus

The Exhibition of King Albert I of Belgium... in a bus arrived in
my hometown, Sint-Niklaas (for two days: Today & Yesterday).

I was curious to see this special & interesting event.

Exhibition Royal Albert I of Belgium in a bus
Exhibition King Albert I

A friendly guide told a little bit about the history of this famous Belgian King
and then the exhibition started.

On the left side there were pictures of the King and his family. On the 
right side there were pictures and information (in Dutch) about
World War I in Belgium.

own picture

It really was interesting but I (and more people) found the corridor of the bus too
narrow. Besides that, it really is worth a visit!

 own picture inside the bus. VanHool is a Belgian Bus manufacturer

On next link you can visit the official site of the exhibition. 
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