Happy Saturday & Sunday picture - Blankenberge - Belgium

My Happy Saturday & Sunday picture of this week is taken in Blankenberge,
a town and municipality near the North Sea in Belgium.

Travel Belgium Blankenberge Pier Art Nouveau

own picture

On the picture you can see some landmarks of Blankenberge: the velodrome,
which offers in the high season a lot of fun and amusement and the pier.

In 1888 engineer E.Wyhowski and architect E.Hellemans made a design for
a pier on the east side of the municipality. This time the design was approved.
In 1894 the pier was finished in Art Nouveau style.

In 1914, at the end of World War I, the German occupiers put the Pier into a
fire to defend? the sea coast.

In 1930 the municipality of Blankenberge decided to build a new Pier. The
inauguration of the Art Deco styled Pier took place on July 9th. 1933.

Nowadays the Pier is protected as monument. 

I wish you all a very good, happy and sunny weekend!
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