Happy Weekend Picture - Stausee at Kaprun in Austria

My Happy Weekend picture was taken near the Stausee
at Kaprun in Austria.

Travel Stausee Kaprun Austria
own picture

Unfortunately this beautiful place has not a happy history at all.

Kaprun started well as a settlement in the Duchy of Bavaria. Later it was
acquired by the Prince-Archbishops of Salzburg.
But in the late 1920's there were plans to make a hydroelectricity power
plant, including 2 reservoirs. 

The works started at the beginning of World War II (after the
anschluss from Austria with nazi Germany). The construction was made
by war prisoners and other victims.

Their inhumane conditions were published by the Austrian playwright and
novelist, Elfriede Jelinek in Das Werk (in English: the Work).

So, this was my 'Happy' Weekend picture. I hope you enjoyed the picture
and the story. I wish you all a very nice weekend!
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