Tree Tuesday Picture - Basilica of St. Castor at Koblenz in Germany

My Tree Tuesday Picture was taken several years ago during a trip
in Koblenz (Germany).

Koblenz Basilica Germany Travel History

Koblenz - Basilica St. Castor

On the picture you can see, of course, trees and the back side of the
Basilica of St. Castor.

This is the oldest church in Koblenz and located near the
Deutsches Eck at the confluence of the Rhine and the Moselle.

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The Church of St. Castor was built between 817 and 836. It was
Hetto, Archbishop of Trier, who gave the order to build.

On July 31st. 1991 Pope John Paul II raised the Church of St. Castor
to a basilica.

So, with this I'll end my Tree Tuesday picture post. I'd like to wish
you a good week and for thursday a very merry Christmas.
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