Weekend Picture: Ice Sculpture Festival in Bruges (Belgium)

The Weekend picture of this week was taken last year during the
Ice Sculpture Festival in Bruges (Belgium).

Ice Sculpture Festival in Bruges (Belgium) Frozen
Snow & Ice Sculpture Festival Bruges Belgium

The theme of last year was based on the Disney movie Frozen. On the 
picture you can see the princesses Anna and Elsa in their castle.

This year the festival takes place from November 21st. 2014 until
January 4th. 2015. 

The theme is: The land of the Hobs. On next link you can see more

With this picture, I wish you all a nice Weekend. 

This blog will be updated with information related to the death 
of Queen Fabiola of Belgium, who died yesterday at her
home in Château Stuyvenberg in Laeken near Brussels.
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