Treetuesday picture taken in Maastricht - The Netherlands

My Tree Tuesday picture was taken last week in Maastricht (The Netherlands).

Tree Travel Maastricht The Netherlands
Tree Tuesday - Maastricht - The Netherlands

On the picture you can see, of course, a tree and one of the many statues of

In the past Maastricht was developed from a Belgic settlement.
During the Gallic Wars this settlement was conquered by the Romans
and it became ... Roman.

Nowadays Maastricht is, besides
Argos (Greece);
Béziers (France);
Cásiz (Spain);
Colchester (United Kingdom);
Cork (Ireland);
Évora (Portugal);
Roskilde (Denmark);
Tongeren (Belgium);
Worms (Germany);
 a part of the Most Ancient European Towns Network.

 With this post I'd like to wish you a very good Tuesday too!
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