Happy Weekend Picture - Ypres - Belgium

My Happy Weekend Picture was taken in Ypres. This city is located in the
Province of West Flanders in Belgium.

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Ypres - own picture

Ypres was already known by the Romans in the first century BC.

During the Middle Ages, Ypres was a prosperous Flemish City, renowned 
for its linen trade with England, which was mentioned inthe Canterbury Tables. 
Ypres became very important for its textile industry.
Textiles from Ypres could even be found on the markets of Novgorod in Russia
in the early 12th. century. 

Unfortunately Ypres was involved in many important battles, including the
Battle of the Golden Spurs, the Battle at Mons-en-Pélève and the 
Battle of Cassle. 

On March 25th. 1678 Ypres was conquered by the forces of King
Louis XIV of France. In 1697, after the Treaty of Ryswick, Ypres was returned
to the Spanish Crown.

In 1713 it was handed over to the Habsburgs and it became a part of the 
Austrian Netherlands. 
In 1830, Belgium became independent and the neutral position of the 'new'
country was granted by inter alia the British Empire.

During World War I Ypres had a strategic position. The city stood in the path
of Germany's plans to cross Belgium on their way to France.  

After the war, the town was rebuilt and the buildings were as close to the
original designs as possible. The Cloth Hall (on the picture) is nowadays
the famous In Flanders Fields Museum, dedicated to the important role
of Ypres during World War I.

With this piece of History, I'd like to wish you all a very Happy Weekend.
I also want to thank you for reading, your nice comments, the likes and 
the reshares!
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