My Happy Weekend Picture - A sunny Saturday in Ostend

It is no secret that I really love Ostend, that amazing town near the North Sea.
I like to visit it for walking on the dike, shopping, visiting exhibitions or
just relaxing.

Ostend North Sea West Flanders Belgium
 Ostend view at the Sea

At the picture you can see the dike, the beach and the sea, seen from the
Royal Galleries, which are a neoclassical arcade. These Galleries were
built between 1902 and 1906 according to the plans of architect
Charles Girault on the orders of King Leopold II of Belgium.

Ostend was often visited by famous writers. In 1837 Victor Hugo 
mentioned the city, but he didn't really like it. He made his 
complaints that there weren't no oysters.

In 1902 Ostend was visited by the famous Austrian author 
Stefan Zweig. He wrote about it in the book: 
Die Weite Welt/ Vom Fels zum Meer

I noticed only authors in this blogpost but did you know that
even Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom visited Ostend
inter alia on September 15th. 1843?

With this picture I wish you all a very happy,sunny weekend and
an amazing start of the brand new week!

I'd like to thank you for reading this blog, liking my posts, your nice
comments and the reshares on Google+ as well as on Twitter!
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