My Happy Weekend picture: A relaxing walk near the Yser in Nieuwpoort, Belgium

A walk near the Yser in Nieuwpoort, located in West Flanders, Belgium,
is very popular by tourists. That shouldn't be any surprise. It is indeed a
beautiful piece of nature.

Yser Nieuwpoort West Flanders Belgium
 Nieuwpoort, neer the Yser - own picture

Some history

In 1163 Nieuwpoort obtained its city rights from Philip, Count of Flanders.

In 1600 the battle of Nieuwpoort took place between the Dutch and the Spanish 

Between 1757 and 1763 the city was occupied by the French, as one of the
conditions of the Treaty of Versailles between France and Austria. 

During the Battle of the Yser ,World War I,  in 1914, Hendrik Geeraert opened
the sluice gates, so the water could flow over the land and this halt the German

Yser Nieuwpoort West Flanders Belgium
Nieuwpoort Yser own picture

This walk I made in the winter but I think it would be very lovely in the summer too.
Meanwhile I want to wish you a happy weekend. Thank you for reading my blog,
your likes and the reshares on Google+ and on Twitter as well!
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