September 20th. 2015 - Celebration Day of the Walloon Region in Belgium

Every third Sunday of September the Day of the Walloon Region takes place.
This year celebrations started already on Sunday September 13th. and they
last till Monday September 21st.

Namur Wallonia Belgium

citadel of Namur- Flag

Wallonia is located in the southern part of Belgium and the main language is

Some History of Wallonia

In 1970 the first state reform in Belgium took place. It was the establishment
of three cultural communities: the Dutch, French and German. Namur became
the capital of the French Region.

In 1998 the Day of Wallonia was announced in the Belgian official journey.


A lot of celebrations take place in Namur. If you want to know more, you can
read the French site about the programs on this link.

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