My Happy Weekend Picture - Statue Jacob van Maerlant in Damme

Damme Jacob van Maerlant
Damme Jacob van Maerlant Belgium

Jacob van Maerlant is the modern name of the medieval Dutch author who
called himself Jacob van Merlant. Merlant was then a harbour at the island
of Oost-Voorne which was a part of the County of Holland and Zeeland.

However there is less known about Jacob van Maerlant. Even the date and
year of birth of Jacob van Maerlant is not known. Historians estimate that this
must have been between 1230 and 1240.There also isn't known in which
family this Jacob van Maerlant was born.

Dutch linguists analyzed his language and they made this conclusion:
Jacob van Maerlant grew up and learned to speak in the
County of Flanders, somewhere around the city of Bruges.


The most famous work of Jacob van Maerlant was the editing the
Historia scholastica from Latin to Dutch. This upsetted
the catholic church, because a lot of people could read the bible...

Damme Jacob van Maerlant
Jacob van Maerlant Damme Belgium

Stories said that he would have died in Damme somewhere between
1288 and 1300.
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