Happy Weekend Picture - Oberbaum Bridge in Berlin

Yes, I admit, I love big cities which are located near a river: Paris with the Seine,
London with his Thames and Berlin with the Spree.

In 2013, I visited Berlin and I could take a picture of the amazing Oberbaum

Oberbaum Bridge Berlin Germany
Oberbaum Bridge Berlin Germany


Like everything in Berlin, the Oberbaum bridge had a large history. The first
Oberbaum brücke (bridge) was a part of the city walls of Berlin. In the middle
of the Bridge there was a passage where people had to pay toll. During the night
this passage was closed with a barrier in German: Baum.

In 1732 the walls of Berlin were moved some kilometers to the east and a new
wooden bridge was built. Later plans were made to replace the wooden bridge
in stone.

From 1894 till 1896 the new bridge was built by architect Otto Stahn. The
towers on the bridge were modeled from a medevial town gate in Prenzlau
(a town in Brandenburg, Germany).

On January 15th. 1902 the first subway ride took place on the
Oberbaum Bridge.

During the second World War the Oberbaum Bridge was severely damaged.
On April 23rd. 1945 Hitler ordered to blow out the bridge to prevent the
advantage of the Sovjet troops.

Later the Oberbaum Bridge was a border between East and West Berlin.
On August 13th. 1961 the bridge even was closed for the people.
And in 1963 there came a passage but only for the citizens of West Berlin.

After 1989 the bridge was restored and on November 9th. 1994 the bridge
was open again for public and for transport. Finally on October 14th. 1995
the Subway drove again over the bridge.
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