Today in History / On This Day - February 11th. 1261 - Otto III, Duke of Bavaria

February 11th. 1261 marks the birth of Otto III, Duke of Bavaria. This took
place in Burghausen (Germany).

Noble House

He was a member of the House of Wittelsbach.


His parents were Henry XIII, Duke of Bavaria and Elisabeth of Hungary.

Love & Marriage

In January 1279, Otto III married Catherine of Habsburg. She was the
daughter of Rudolf I of Germany and Gertrude of Hohenburg.

On April 4th. 1282 Catherine died and later Otto III remarried
Agnes of Glogau. She was the daughter of Henry III, Duke of
Silesia-Glogau and Mathilda of Brunswick-Lüneburg.

Otto III and Agnes of Glogau would have 2 children.

Some facts

Otto III became Duke of Bavaria in 1290, after the death of his father.
He ruled together with his two brothers Louis III and Stephen I.

He was in the opposition against Habsburg and tried to gain Styria
(southeast of Austria), which Bavaria had lost in 1180.

In 1305 Otto accepted the crown from Hungary and there he reigned
short (1305 - 1308) as Béla V.


Otto III,Duke of Bavaria died on November 9th. 1312 in Landshut at the
age of 51.

Source picture: Wikipedia

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