History - OnThisDay - August 24th. 1561 - Wedding of William the Silent and Anna of Saxony

On August 24th. 1561, the wedding between William the Silent and
Anna of Saxony took place in Leipzig (now Germany).

William Prince of Orange

Anna of Saxony


William, Prince of Orange, was the son of William, Count of Nassau and
Juliana of Stolberg-Wernigerode.

Anna of Saxony was the daughter of Maurice, Elector of Saxony and
Agnes of Hesse.

Love and Marriage

Already in 1562 the Royal Couple had difficulties. After the death of their
first son, Anna fell into a depression. In 1567, William the Silent had to
flee, due to difficulties in the Habsburg Netherlands.

He and his wife moved to Dillenburg (Germany). In 1568, Anna of Saxony
moved to Cologne. In 1569, Anna required the services of lawyer Jan Rubens
(father of the  famous painter).

In 1570, Anna and William moved to Siegen for a few weeks. It was there that
she fell in love to Jan Rubens.

In 1571, Anna was pregnant again but this time from her lover.
William the Silent accused her for adultery and he made plans to separate
from her.

On December 14th. 1571, Anna and William were divorced.

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