History - OnThisDay - 17 April 1958 - Expo 58 started in Brussels, Belgium

Paris has its Eiffel Tower, London its Big Ben, Berlin its Brandenburg Gate ...
and what about 'hellhole' Brussels?

Well Brussels is the proud owner of its Atomium. This magnificent building
was created on the occasion of the Expo 58. First it was meant to be a temporary
construction, but the Atomium was so succesfull that the 9 balls became

Expo 58 and the Atomium, picture taken at the Belvue Museum in Brussels in 2015

On 17 April 1958, King Baudouin opened the World Exhibition with a
touching speech about peace, freedom and connection to each other.

On Youtube, there is a movie in French of the original speech of
King Baudouin of the Belgians at the opening of Expo 58. First there is
an advertisement of Marie Tumas :-)


The World Exhibition of '58 became a gigantic success with more than 41 million
visitors! For many of them, it was a first acquaintance to other cultures.

The Expo 58 ended on 19 October 1958, but the spirit of this extra ordinary
event will last forever. Many objects of the Expo 58 are now fantastic stuff for

Some movies about the opening and the Expo 58 in French



Nowadays, only the Atomium stands symbol of the glorious Expo 58.
Moreover it stays the symbol of Brussels, capital of Belgium.
Wherever you are in Brussels, you almost can see the Atomium.

Atomium taken in front of the Palace of Justice in Brussels

Atomium from the roof terrace of the NH Hotel in Brussels

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