About me

Hello people from the World Wide Web!

My name is Kathleen Van Lierop. I'm married and I live in a beautiful city called
Sint-Niklaas, which is located in Belgium (Western Europe).

In my former life I studied Accountancy and Taxation. So, I'm always having a
great interest in economic matters.

My mother tongue is Dutch, but as you can see, I write and think most of the time
in English. Besides that I speak French , a little bit German and sólo un poco

History and in particular the European Royal History really fascinates me.
In my blog posts I like to mention facts not considerations.

Besides that, I love to travel from busy cities to the nice and quiet
countrysides with an historic and royal background.

As always I like to talk about HISTORY and Travel, but I don't discuss the
political actuality. I don't take any position about current topics!

I have a lot of dreams like writing, traveling, studying art and much more.
Some day, I hope my dreams come true!

I also want to know more about the former monarchies of Asia and the
Ottoman Empire. Besides that I'm interested in the royal families of the
Middle East. Because the world can't be big enough! 

My favorite quote:
Move on, life isn't meant to travel backwards.

So, that's it for now. If you have (serious) tips or suggestions, please let them
know, but this site and my profile is not the place for spam or violent language.

Thank you & See you later!

My husband & I in Corfu in 2013

Most of the pictures @ this blog are from Wikipedia or taken during trips.
My tweets on Twitter are mostly in English, and sometimes in Dutch.
So, don't hesitate to take a look on Twitter.

picture of me climbing the stairs in Dinant

Yess! 'New' books about history :-)

Before the Royal Palace of Belgium in Brussels

Selfie: My husband and I in Seville, Spain

For now, this blog is just one of my hobbies, and certainly a non-profit

All about royal family certainly is not related to any royal family. 
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