Treetuesdaypicture - Kurfürstendamm - Berlin - Germany

My treetuesdaypicture of this week was taken in 2013 in Berlin (Germany).

Own picture

I always like pieces of green in a large city. This picture was taken on the
Kurfürstendamm, an important shopping avenue of Berlin. 

The name of the street was derived from the former Prince-Electors 

Today in History - July 29th. 1900 - Umberto I of Italy

On March 14th. 1844 a boy was born in Turin (Sardinia). He was called Umberto.

Umberto I of Italy - Source picture: Wikipedia

His parents were Victor Emmanuel II and Archduchess Adelaide of Austria.
Umberto's eduction was entrusted to some very wise men.

In 1858 Umberto entered the army en he became a captain. He took part during
the wars of the Italian independence and distinguished himself therefor the
prince received a medal.

On April 21st. 1868 Umberto married his first cousin Margherita of Savoy.
They had 1 son together.

On January 9th. 1878 Umberto adopted the name 'King of Italy'. He accepted
the conditions of the constitution. Umberto visited often Vienna and Berlin. 

On July 29th. 1900 Umberto was assassinated by Gaetano Bresci in Monza.
The King was buried in the Pantheon in Rome. 

Today in History - July 28th. 1914 - Start World War I

Assassination in Sarajevo - Source picture: Wikipedia

When Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie were assassinated in
Sarajevo on June 28th. 1914, this would cause a huge conflict.
See also my blogpost: Remembrance Weekend - Start World War I 

Initially the people in Vienna were indifferent to what had happened but
Emperor Franz Joseph of Austria wanted a complete investigation of this
tragic event. A lot of diplomats tried to find a solution. Meanwhile War
Coalitions were made.

Franz Joseph of Austria - Source picture: Wikipedia 

After Serbia rejected the conditions of the ultimatum (the text of it was drafted
in very hurtful terms), Austria declared war to Serbia on July 28th. 1914.

Today in History - July 27th. 1765 - Duchess Frederica of Württemberg

Germany had many Royal and Notable families with a lot of ties in the European
aristocracy. I really find those links very interesting and important. Reading
about these families, I found my Today in History topic...

On July 27th. 1765 a girl was born in Treptow an der Rega (now located in Poland).
She was called Duchess Frederica of Württemberg.

Duchess Frederica of Württemberg - Source picture: Wikipedia

Family ties

Her parents were Frederick II Eugene, Duke of Württemberg and 
Friederike Dorothea of Brandenburg-Schwedt.

Her paternal grandparents were Karl Alexander, Duke of Württemberg
and Maria Augustus of Thurn and Taxis.

Her maternal grandparents were Markgrave Frederick William of Brandenburg-
Schwedt and Princess Sophia Dorothea of Prussia (sister of King Frederick the

Her siblings also had great matches they were inter alia:

- Sophia Dorothea, Empress of Russia 
- Elisabeth, Archduchess of Austria


The wedding of Duchess Frederica of Württemberg really was important to 
strengthen the ties.

On June 6th. 1781 she married Peter Frederick of Holstein-Gottorp. The couple
had 2 sons but Frederica died on November 24th. 1785 in Vienna due to a childbirth.

Peter never remarried. 

Royal Destinations in Belgium

Recently I visited with close family some Royal & Historical Destinations in the
French and German speeking regions of Belgium.

The result was a lot of pictures, which I hope to post in some of my next blogposts.

Spa - ancient thermal baths - Own picture

Meanwhile, I wish you all a very good Saturday! Tomorrow I'll be back with 
a new Today in History.