History - OnThisDay - June 25th. 1797 - Duke Paul Wilhelm of Württemberg

Duke Friedrich Paul Wilhelm of Württemberg was born on June 25th. 1797
in Bad Carlsruhe, (then a place in the Kingdom of Prussia, now renamed as
Pokój, a place in south-western Poland).


His parents were Duke Eugen of Württemberg and
Princess Louise of Stolberg-Gedern.

Duke Paul Wilhelm of Württemberg was a nephew of
Frederick of Württemberg, the first King of Württemberg.


Between 1822 and 1824, Duke Paul Wilhelm of Württemberg undertook
some expeditions to Cuba and North America.

There he kept a diary in which he described the places he visited.

Love and Marriage

On April 17th. 1827, Duke Paul Wilhelm of Württemberg married
Princess Maria Sophia of Thurn und Taxis in Regensburg.

They would have one son. However their marriage ended in a divorce
on May 2nd. 1835.


After her divorce, Princess Maria Sophia of Thurn und Taxis acquired
the Württembergische Palais in Regenburg. There she spent the rest of
her life.

Duke Paul Wilhelm of Württemberg lived at Schloss Mergentheim.
Later he gave the order to build a new Palace in Bad Carlsruhe.
This palace was called the Palais Paulusburg.
Unfortunately this wasn't finished until the year of his death.


Duke Paul Wilhelm of Württemberg died on November 25th. 1860.

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History - OnThisDay - June 23rd. 1456 - Margaret of Denmark, Queen of Scotland

June 23rd. 1456 marks the birth of Margaret of Denmark, sometimes referred as
Margaret of Norway. This took place in Copenhagen.


Her parents were King Christian I of Denmark (also from Sweden and Norway)
and Dorothea of Brandenburg. Margaret of Denmark had two brothers John and

Love and Marriage

In 1460, Margaret was betrothed to James of Scotland. This marriage was an
arrangement on the advice of the King Charles VII of France.

In July 1469, at the age of 13!, Margaret married James III, King of Scotland
in Holyrood Abbey.

This Royal Couple would have 3 children:
King James IV,
James Stuart, Duke of Ross and
John Stewart, Duke of Mar.


Margaret became very popular in Scotland. The Queen was described as
gentle, beautiful and sensible.


Margaret died on July 14th. 1486 at Stirling Castle. There are some rumors
around her death that John Ramsay, 1st. Lord Bothwell, gave poison to her
but this was never proved.

Margaret was buried at Cambuskenneth Abbey, near Stirling in Scotland.

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History - OnThisDay - June 21st. 1788 - Princess Augusta of Bavaria

On June 21st. 1788 a very noble girl was born in Munich.
She received the names:
Princess Augusta Amalia Ludovika of Bavaria
(in German: von Bayern).


Her parents were King Maximilian I Joseph of Bavaria and
Augusta Wilhelmine of Hesse-Darmstadt.

Love and Marriage

Initially she was promised to Charles, the heir of Baden, until
Napoleon intervened.

He ordered a wedding between Princess Augusta of Bavaria
and Eugène the Beauharnais, Napoleon's stepson.

Princess Augusta's father gave his son in law the title:
Duke of Leuchtenberg.

Finally this political marriage turned out to be a happy one.
They would have 7 children.


Princess Augusta of Bavaria died on May 13th. 1851, at the
age of 62, in Munich.

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