History - OnThisDay - May 26th. 1055 - Death of Adalbert Margrave of Austria

Adalbert, Margrave of Austria was born around 985 as the third son of
Leopold I, Margrave of Austria and Richardis of Sualafeldgau.

Love and Marriage

Adalbert married twice. The first time he married Glismod of West-Saxony.
They had no children.

The second time Adalbert married Frozza Orseolo, a daughter of
Otto Orseolo (Doge of Venice) and Grimelda of Hungary. Frozza was a sister
of Peter, King of Hungary.

Adalbert and Frozza would have one son together, called Ernest. Their son
became Margrave of Austria too.


When Henri I, Margrave of Austria died in 1018, Adalbert succeeded his
older brother.

As Margrave he supported Holy Roman Emperor, Henry III with his battles
against Hungary and Bohemia.


Adalbert lived in the Lower Austrian Babenberg in the Castle of Melk.
Later the Melk Abbey was developed there.


Adalbert died on May 26th. 1055 at Melk, Austria.

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History - OnThisDay - May 22nd. 1770 - Princess Elizabeth of the United Kingdom

May 22nd. 1770 marks the birth of Princess Elizabeth of the United Kingdom.
This happy event took place at Buckingham House, (now Buckingham Palace)
in London.


Her parents were King George III and his wife, Queen Charlotte, née
Princess Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz.

On June 17th. 1770 Princess Elizabeth was christened in the Great Council Chamber
at the St. James's Palace in London.

Her godparents were inter alia:
- The Hereditary Prince of Hesse-Cassel;
- The Princess of Nassau-Weilburg;
- The Crown Princess of Sweden.

Queen Victoria

Princess Elizabeth of the United Kingdom was thus an aunt of the later
Queen Victoria. The two had a correspondence with each other.

Love and Marriage

It is supposed that Princess Elizabeth of the United Kingdom had a secret marriage.
She married George Ramus, a son of Nicholas Ramus, who had been a page of
King George III. Princess Elizabeth would have a daughter with George, called Eliza.
However this marriage between a Princess and a commoner wasn't allowed.

Instead Princess Elizabeth married on April 7th. 1818,
Prince Frederick of Hesse-Homburg.

Landgravine of Hesse-Homburg

On January 20th. 1820 Prince Frederick of Hesse-Homburg succeeded his father
as Landgrave of Hesse-Homburg. With the help from Elizabeth's dowry he was
able to give the order to remodel the palace in Homburg.


On January 10th. 1840, Princess Elizabeth died in Frankfurt am Main, Hesse,
Germany. She was buried in the Mausoleum of the Landgraves in Homburg.

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History - OnThisDay - May 20th. 1885 - King Faisal I of Iraq

Faisal I bin Hussein bin Ali al-Hashimi was born on May 20th. 1885 in Mecca,
then a part of the Ottoman Empire.


His parents were Hussein bin Ali, Sharif of Mecca and Abdiyah bint Abdullah.
Faisal I was a member of the Hashemite dynasty.


Faisal I learned a lot of leadership from his father and in 1913 he was elected as
representative for the city of Jeddah for the Ottoman parliament.

Lawrence of Arabia

On October 23rd. 1916, Faisal I met Captain T.E. Lawrence, better known as
Lawrence of Arabia. This captain wanted a large post-war Arabian state and
he was looking for the right man to lead the Arab forces to achieve this aim.

Between 1916-1918 Faisal led the army of rebellion and he confronted the
Turks in what's now Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Syria.

Faisal also worked together with the Allies during World War I. and with the
capture of Damascus. Faisal's role in the Arab revolution was written in the
Seven Pillars of Wisdom, a book by T.E. Lawrence.

After World War I

In 1919 Faisal led the Arab delegation at the Peace Conference in Paris.

On March 7th. 1920 Faisal was proclaimed King of the Arab Kingdom of Syria.
However on July 24th. 1920 the Battle of Maysalun took place and the French
achieved a victory. So, Faisal was expelled from Syria. He went to live in the
United Kingdom.

In March 1921 the Cairo Conference took place and Faisal was a good
candidate for ruling the British Mandate of Iraq. He became King of Iraq from
1921 till 1933.


On September 8th. 1933, Faisal I died of an heart attack while he stayed in
Bern, Switzerland.This caused a lot of speculations. Faisal was buried at the
Royal Mausoleum in Baghdad, Iraq.

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