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Today in History- April 20th. 1808 - Amsterdam became capital of The Netherlands

On April 20th. 1808 Louis Bonaparte, the younger brother of
Emperor Napoleon I of France, recieved the city keys of Amsterdam.
He declared the city as capital of The Netherlands.

Amsterdam was constitutional mentioned as capital of The Netherlands
due to a change in constitution in 1983.

For me it is always a bit strange because the seat of the government
and the parliament are located in The Hague.
Amsterdam also isn't the capital of its Province, North Holland,
which is Haarlem.

But it really is a lovely city to visit with a lot of famous landmarks.

Own picture of Amsterdam

Today in History - April 19th. 1658 - Birth of Johann Wilhelm II, Elector Palatine

Johan Wilhelm II (in German: Jan Wellem) was born on April 19th. 1658
in Düsseldorf. His parents were Philip William of Palatinate - Neuburg
and Elisabeth Amalie of Hesse-Darmstadt. He was educated by the
Jesuits and in 1674, he made a grand tour to Italy.

Johann Wilhelm - Source picture: Wikipedia

In 1678 Johann Wilhelm married Maria Anna Josepha, Archduchess of Austria.
After her death, he married Anna Maria Luisa de' Medici (daughter of Cosmo III,
Grand Duke of Tuscany). See my Today in History of February 18th

He gave work to many artists and painters like Johannes Spilberg. He also had a
huge collection of paintings from Rubens. His collection still can be seen in the
Alte Pinakothek in Munich.

Johann Wilhelm died on June 8th. 1716. He was a member of the House of

Today in History - April 20th. 1929 - Death of Prince Henry of Prussia (Germany)

Prinz Albert Wilhelm Heinrich von Preußen or Prince Henry of Prussia was
born on August 14th. 1862 in the Crown Prince's Palace in Berlin.

Prince Henry of Prussia and his wife
Source picture: Wikipedia

Frederick III, German Emperor, and Victoria, Princess, Royal were his parents.
Prince Henry also was a grandchild of Queen Victoria.

Prince Henry was a younger brother of Emperor William II of Germany, though
the two had very little in common.

In 1877 Prince Henry went in the Imperal Navy. 

In 1888 he married his first cousin, Princess Irene of Hesse and by Rhine.
The sibblings of Princess Irene were inter alia: 
Grand Duchess Elisabeth Feodorovna of Russia
& the last Tsarina: Alexandra Feodorovna of Russia.

The marriage displeased Queen Victoria because she had not been told 
about the courtship untill they had already deciced to mary.

However the couple were happily married and they were known in the
family as 'The aimable', because of their pleasant natures.

They had 3 children. Unfortunately, Princess Irene transmitted the
haemophilia to two of her sons. 

When the War ended, Prince Henry left the Navy. After the German Revolution
he lived with his family in Hemmelmarck near Eckernförde in Schleswig-Holstein.

He continued with sailing and motorcross. He popularized the 'Prince Henry Cap'
which was famous under sailers.

On April 20th. 1929, Prince Henry died due to throat cancer (like his father had

Historical Hotels - Villa Politi in Siracusa - Sicily (Italy)

Villa Politi was founded in 1862 under the chique name: Grand Hotel Villa Politi.

It was created by an Austrian woman called Maria Theresa Laudien who fell in
love with Salvatore Politi from Siracusa in Sicily (Italy).

The hotel hosted many important guests like King Victor Emmanuel III of Italy
and Sir Winston Churchill with his wife Lady Clementine. 

Villa Politi is located near Siracusa. This is a beautiful, historic city in Sicily (Italy).
Siracusa became famous for its amphitheatres and architecture.

Siracusa - Greek Theatre - taken with a disposable camera

Nowadays Siracusa is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.