Today in History / On This Day - April 27th. 1650 - Charlotte Amalie of Hesse-Kassel

Charlotte Amalie was born on April 27th. 1650 in Kassel (Germany) as the
daughter of Landgrave William VI of Hesse-Kassel and Hedwig Sophia of

Charlotte Amalie of Hesse-Kassel - Source picture: Wikipedia

She received a fine education and learned French, Italian, Geography and

On June 25th. 1667 Charlotte Amalie married Prince Christian of Denmark.
Although the negotiations of this marriage were held by her mother-in-law,
Charlotte Amalie had a lot of conflicts with her regarding etiquette matters.

Charlotte Amalie was described as a charmful person, who had a great tact.
She even learned to speak Danish.

Her marriage was a political strategy but not a love match and Christian was
unfaithful but in 1670 she became Queen Consort of Denmark and Norway.

Charlotte Amalie had several residences, which she administered carefully.
In 1699, after the death of her husband, she moved to the Charlottenburg Palace
in Copenhagen. There she died on March 27th. 1714. She was buried in the
Roskilde Cathedral.

My Happy Weekend Picture - Stockalper Palace in Brig - Switzerland

Traveling mostly is discovering beautiful places.
One of them, which I really liked is Brig.

Brig is a municipality located in the canton of Valois in Switzerland. Of course,
it has a great history and even a palace.

Stockalper palace in Brig - Switzerland - own picture

Brig was first mentioned in 1215 as Briga. The name comes from Briva or Bridge.
The de Briga family even was mentioned in 1181. 
This family seat was the Höllenburg, a tower above Brig. This tower was demolished
in the 17th. century. 

In the early modern era families became very wealthy by trading. They built
magnificent palaces in Brig. 

The most amazing palace is the Stockalper Palace built between 1658 and 1678.
Kaspar Jodok Stockalper (a silk marchant, banker, and military) gave the order
to build this beautiful palace, with towers, an arcaded courtyard and park.

Kasper Stockalper - Source picture: Wikipedia

This Stochalper Palace was one of the largest private constructions in Switzerland
at that time.

Nowadays it is a Swiss heritage site of national significance.

Courtyard of the Stockalper Palace - Own picture

I visited this palace in 2010 during a trip around Switzerland. This really
fascinated me due to its size and architecture.

With this post I'd like to wish you all a very happy weekend and a good start of
next week. 

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Today in History / On This Day - April 24th. 1492 - Sabina of Bavaria

Sabina of Bavaria-Munich was born on April 24th. 1492. Her parents had been
Albert IV, Duke of Bavaria and Kunigunde of Austria. Sabina was the grand-
daughter of Frederick III, Holy Roman Emperor and Leonor of Portugal.

Sabina of Bavaria - Source picture: Wikipedia

At the age of 6 she was promised to Ulrich of Württemberg. The two got
married when she was 15! They would have 2 children.

This marriage really became unhappy, due to Ulrich's violence. Finally
Sabina was forced to flee from Württemberg. She left her children behind
and found shelter by her two brothers in Munich.

In 1551 her son Christoph inherited the throne of Württemberg. Sabina moved
to Nürtingen. This was the official widow's residence of the Württembergs.

Sabina of Bavaria died on August 30th. 1564.

Today in History / OnThis Day - April 22nd. 1780 - Princess Henriette of Nassau-Weilburg

Princess Henriette of Nassau-Weilburg was born on April 22nd. 1780 in

Henriette - Source picture: Wikipedia

Her parents had been Charles Christian of Nassau-Weilburg and his wife
Carolina of Orange Nassau (daughter of William IV of Orange).

At the Hermitage near Bayreuth, Princess Henriette married
Duke Louis of Württemberg. They would have 5 children.

Through her grandchildren Princess Henrietta has many descendants.
Inter alia:
Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kindom;
Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh;
Juan Carlos I of Spain.

Princess Henriette died on January 2nd. 1857 at the age of 76.