Royal Destinations -- St. Rumbold's Cathedral in Mechelen - Belgium

St. Rumbold's Cathedral, in Mechelen, is one of the most iconic buildings
of Belgium. The cathedral also has a great history and even a huge art

St. rumbold's Cathedral - Mechelen - Belgium


The construction of St. Rumbold's started shortly after 1200 and it was
used as a church around 1312.

In 1342, a fire broke out and Jean d'Oisy managed the repairs in
High Gothic Style.

St. Rumbold's Cathedral wit Maria of Austria Statue in Mechelen

Between 1452-1520 the tower was built. Pilgrims financed it and later
the city of Mechelen did.

In 1559 the church became a cathedral.

The interior has a Baroque high altar and choir, as well as paintings made
by inter alia: Anthony van Dyck and Michiel Coxie.

Choir St. Rumbold's Cathedral

Some facts

The unfinished Tower of the St. Rumbold's Cathedral is now a
World Heritage monument.

It is 97,28 meters high and it counts 514 steps.
The carillon's set consists of 49 bells, all in working order.

St. Rumbold's Tower - Mechelen

Why is this cathedral a Royal destination?

In the past there were a lot of Royal visitors inter alia:

King Louis XV of France;
King Albert I of Belgium;
King Baudouin and his wife, Queen Fabiola.

In 1985, Pope John Paul II celebrated a mass at St. Rumbold's Cathedral.
He should have stated: ' Your tower isn't complete'.

Art -Painting of Michiel Coxie in the cathedral 

History / OnThisDay - September 22nd. 1515 - Anne of Cleves, Queen of England in 1540

Anne of Cleves was born on September 22nd. 1515 in Düsseldorf, then a part
of the Holy Roman Empire, now located in Germany.


Her parents were John III, Duke of Cleves and Maria of Jülich-Berg.
Anne of Cleves grow up at Schloss Berg near Solingen.

Love and Marriage

On January 6th. 1540, King Henry VIII of England married
Anne of Cleves. When the King met his wife for the first time
he didn't like her at all!

Their marriage didn't last long. In July 1540, King Henry VIII asked for a
divorce. Anne received a lot of money and she could live in some mansions

Hever Castle;
Richmond Castle ...

Anne received the title: "Sister of the King". She was a welcome guest at
the Royal Court.


On July 16th 1557, Anne of Cleves died in England at the age of 41.
She was buried in Westminster Abbey.

Source picture: Wikipedia

History - OnThisDay - September 20th. 1384 - Death of Louis I, Duke of Anjou

Louis I, Duke of Anjou was born on July 23rd. 1339 at the Château de Vincennes,
near Paris in France.


Louis I, Duke of Anjou was the second son of King John II of France and
Bonne of Bohemia.

Love and Marriage

In 1360, Louis married Marie of Blois, a daughter of Charles, Duke of Brittany
and Joanna of Dreux. Louis and Marie would have 3 children.

Louis founded the Angevin branch of the French Royal House.


Louis was present at the Battle of Poitiers (1356) although he lost the fight.
Together with his elder brother, Charles, he escaped and avoided to be taken
captive by the English.

From 1380 till 1382, Louis served as regent for France.

In 1382, Louis left France to claim the throne of Naples. He was adopted by
Queen Joanna of Naples, as she was childless. However there were force
oppositions against him.


Louis I, Duke of Anjou died suddenly on September 20th. 1384 in Bisceglie,

Source picture: Wikipedia