Happy Holi - India

Hapy Holi is a spring festival, also known as a festival of colours
and a festival of Love.

A Holi celebration in the 18th. Century.

This event was first of all celebrated in India & Nepal. Later it
became popular in many other places in Asia and in communities outside

I wish you all a Happy Holi!

Today in History - March 5th. 1855 - Archduchess Sophie of Austria

Sophie Friederike Dorothea Maria Josepha was born on March 5th. 1855
at Laxenburg Castle in Vienna (Austria).

Sophie of Austria - Source picture: Wikipedia

Her parents were Emperor Franz Joseph of Austria and his wife
Empress Elisabeth of Austria (Sisi).

Archduchess Sophie was named after her grandmother
Princess Sophie of Bavaria, Archduchess of Austria.

Little Sophie was baptised without Elisabeth's knowing.
One year later with the birth of Archduchess Gisela
Sisi's mother in law did the same.

Birth of Sophie - Source picture: Wikipedia

Sisi wrote about this:
She took my children straight away.
I was only allowed to see them when Sophie (of Bavaria) gave her consent.
She was always present when I wanted to see the children. 

Empress Elisabeth tried to discuss this with her husband. But her
appeals were at the beginning unheard. Finally Sisi received the
permission to take her children with her while traveling to Hungary.

Unfortunately in Budapest the girls went ill. They got diarrhea and
typhus fever. Gisela survived but Sophie died in her mother's arms
on May 29th. 1857.

Sophie was buried in the Imperial Crypt at the Capuchin Church
in Vienna.

Today in History - March 4th. 1820 - Karl Egon III zu Fürstenberg

Karl Egon III Leopold Maria Wilhelm Maximilian zu Fürstenberg was
born on March 4th. 1820 in Donaueschingen (Germany).

Karl Egon III Zu Fürstenberg - Source picture: Wikipedia

His parents were Karl Egon II zu Fürstenberg and Amallie,
Princess of Baden.

Between 1838 and 1841 Karl Egon III studied at the
University of Heidelberg and in 1842 in Berlin.
He followed Law, Economy, Mathematics and
Nature Sciences. He also visited northern Germany and

On November 4th. 1844 Karl Egon married
Princess Elisabeth Henriette Reus-Greiz.
They would have two children.

In 1854, after his father's death, Karl Egon became Fürst
or Head of the Princely House zu Fürstenberg.

Karl Egon III died on March 15th. 1892 in Paris (France).

Coat of Arms House zu Fürstenberg - Source picture Wikipedia

Other notable members of the House zu Fürstenberg:

Egon von Fürstenberg - Prince zu Fürstenberg (1946-2004) who married
Diane von Fürstenberg, a famous fashion designer.  

Tree Tuesday Picture & Statue at Sisi's Achilleion in Corfu

My Tree Tuesday picture was taken in the garden of the Archilleion in
Corfu (Greece).

Own picture

This Achilleion and its amazing garden, was ordered by
Empress Elisabeth of Austria, also called Sisi.

Sisi was a devoted lover of the Greek Mythology and that's why there are
so many interesting and beautiful statues in the gardens.

Of course there is that famous statue of Achilles see my former posts on
next links:

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But at this picture you can see a statue of Frini. She was a great beauty in the
classic years and often portrayed as Aphrodite.

There also is a nice story about her.

Once upon a time Frini was accused for wanton behavior. She even had
to go to a tribunal. There she was defended by Hyperides and his defense
became very passionate. During his speech Hyperides took Frini's shawl
away and ...

Before the surprised eyes of the jury's and the witnesses she wore nothing.
This action 'proved' that Frini's naked body was a piece of art. Soon after
that, she was released from imprisonment.

You can read more about the Travels of Empress Elisabeth of Austria 
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