Today in History - September 30th. 1811 - Augusta of Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach - who became German Empress Consort

September 30th. 1811 marks the birth of Princess Augusta of Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach
in Weimar (Germany).

Princess Augusta of Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach, Empress of Germany
Source picture: Wikipedia

Her parents were Charles Frederick, Grand Duke of Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach
and Maria Pavlovna of Russia (daughter of Paul I of Russia and 
Sophie Dorothea of Württemberg).

In 1826, only 15 years old, Princess Augusta met her future husband Wilhelm.
Wilhelm thought Augusta was an Excellent Personality yet less attractive than
her older sister Marie (who Wilhelms younger brother Karl already had married).
On June 11th. 1829 Princess Augusta married Wilhelm of Prussia in the chapel
of Schloss Charlottenburg.

The first weeks of her marriage were harmonious but Augusta started to be
at the Prussian Court. Later (in the 1840's) she became manic depressive, she
felt unwanted due to Wilhelm, who took mistresses...
In 1864, Augusta founded the National Women's Association, which looked
after wounded soldiers. She also founded some hospitals.

In 1871, after the Prussian-France war, Augusta became empress of Germany.
The German Empress suffered many years from rheumatism and in June 1881
she received heavy injuries, which left her dependent on crutches and even a
wheelchair, but she continued to fulfill their duties.

On January 7th. 1890 Empress Augusta died in Berlin, there she was buried
in the mausoleum of Charlottenburg Castle.

own picture of her tomb

Today in History - September 29th. 1766 - Birth of Charlotte of the United Kingdom

Charlotte Augusta Mathilda was born on September 29th. 1766 in
Buckingham Palace (London).

Princess Charlotte with her mother - Source picture: Wikipedia

Her parents were King George III of the United Kingdom and 
Princess Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz.

Like her brothers and sisters Princess Charlotte was educated by tutors
at Buckingham Palace, Kew Palace and Windsor Castle.

On May 18th. 1797, Princess Charlotte married at the Chapel Royal at
St. James's Palace, Prince Frederick of Württemberg.

In 1800 the French Army occupied Württemberg and the Duke and Duchess
exiled to Vienna. But Napoleon recognized them as King and Queen of
Württemberg and the two came back. This made them an enemy of 
King George III of the United Kingdom (Charlotte's father) who refused
to call his daughter Queen. 

During the Congress of Vienna, Princess Charlotte and her husband were
officially recognized as King and Queen. But her husband couldn't enjoy
long from his title. He died already in 1816.

Princess Charlotte, dowager Queen of Württemberg, lived there in the
Ludwigsburg Palace, where she regularly received visitors. She died on
October 5th. 1828. 

Princess Charlotte of United Kingdom, Queen of Württemberg, 
Source picture: Wikipedia

Happy Weekend picture - Corfu - Greece

My Happy Weekend picture was taken last year in Corfu Greece.

own picture

With the beautiful old buildings and the amazing sunset, I wanted to know 
more about the history of this wonderful Greek Isle which has a mysterious

According to the Greek mythology, Corfu was related to two powerful symbols
and gods: Poseidon (the god of the Water) and Asopos (god of the rivers).
Once upon a time, Poseidon fell in love with the nymph Korkyra (daughter
of Asopos and the nymph Metope). They had a child together which was
called Phaiax (translated to Latin it is: Phaeacians). This became the
nickname of Corfu: The Island of the Phaeacians. 
Isn't that a beautiful legend?

Anyway Corfu Town is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.
Corfu also was the favorite destination of Empress Elisabeth of Austria

With this post, I want to wish you a great and ... (fill in what you 
want) Weekend!

Today in History - September 26th. 1329 - Anne of Bavaria

September 26th. 1329 marks the birth of a remarkable girl, who was called
Anne of Bavaria.

source picture: Wikipedia

Her parents were Rudolf II, Duke of Bavaria and Anne of Tyrol. She and her
family were from the Royal House of Wittelsbach.

On March 11th. 1349 Anne married Charles IV, Holy Roman Emperor in
the town of Bacharach near the Rhine. She became his second wife after
Blanche of Valois.  

On July 26th. 1349 Anne was crowned in Aachen (Germany) as Queen of
Rome, later she was crowned as Queen of Bohemia.

In 1350 Anne gave birth to a son, a long expected and desired heir. 
He was called Wenceslaus. Unfortunately the boy died during his first year.

On February 2nd. 1353, Fate hit again: Anne died herself. This unfortunate
woman was buried in the St.Vitus Cathedral in Prague.
After her death Charles IV married for the third time. A new heir was born
who saved the monarchy. 

Today in History - September 25th. 1506 - Mysterious death of Philip I of Castile

Philip I of Castile also known as the Handsome was born on
July 22nd. 1478 in Bruges (now located in Belgium).

source picture: Wikipedia

He was the son of Maximilian I, Holy Roman Emperor and Mary,
Duchess of Burgundy. Philip was named after his grandfather, Philip the Good.

His mother died when he was 4 and Philip became heir but his father
was regent. The boy was raised by his aunt Margaret of York in Mechlin
(now also located in Belgium).

On October 20th.  1496 he married Joanna of Castile (the mad) in Lier.
Due to this marriage and several inheritances of Johanna, Philip
would became the ruler of The Netherlands, Austria and Spain.

In 1506 he moved to Spain. There he died on September 25th. suddenly, 
apparently of typhoid fever, although poisoning by his wife
was rumored.

Philip I was buried in Royal Chapel of Granada alongside his parents.