Royal Destinations - Shin Kai Tei Japanese Garden in Ostend Belgium

One of the hidden gems in Ostend is Shin Kai Tei. This is an amazing beautiful
Japanese garden in Ostend (Belgium).

Japenese Garden Ostend hidden in the King's Park

Royal Link

On July 20th. 2001 Prince Philippe of Belgium
(now King Philippe of the Belgians)
opened the Japanese Garden Shin Kai Tei.

Entrance Japanese Garden Ostend Belgium - Own picture

Opening Hours

Open: Saturday and Sunday from 10.00 till 18.00 h
and daily during the School Holidays.

Inside the Japanese Garden in Ostend Belgium - Own picture

Shin Kai Tei means: Deep, Sea and Garden.

Japanese Garden Ostend - own picture

This beautiful and relaxing garden is free to visit!

Japanese Garden Ostend - Own picture

Today in History - On This Day - April 28th. 1612 - Odoardo Farnese, Duke of Parma

April 28th. 1612 marks the birth of Odoardo Farnese, also known as
Odoardo I Farnese, to distinguish him from his grandson
Odoardo II Farnese.


His parents were Ranuccio I Farnese and Margherita Aldobrandini.

Love & Marriage

On October 11th. 1628 Odoardo Farnese married Margherita de' Medici,
a daughter of Cosimo II de' Medici and Maria Maddalena of Austria.
This took place in Florence (Italy).

The wedding ceremonies were accompanied with much spectacle, including
the performance of a special opera.

Margherita de' Medici was described as a beautiful, amiable and well-educated
woman. The Duke was very devoted to her.


The years in which the couple ruled over Parma were marked by the Plague
in 1630. There also was a huge contrast between the Splendor of the court
and the way their subjects lived. A raise in Tax Income was used to improve
Odoardo 's army.

The Duke also had a pro-French policy, therefore he made an alliance with
France in 1633 to moved out the Spanish troops from his Duchy.

Finally in 1637, Pope  Urbanus VIII convinced him to sign a peace treaty.
In 1641 the Duke was excommunicated by the same Pope, however due
to a peace in 1644 Odoardo Farnese was reconciled with the
Roman Catholic Church.


On September 11th. 1646, Odoardo I Farnese, died suddenly in his
favorite residence, Piacenza (Italy).

Source picture: Wikipedia

Today in History - On This Day - April 25th - Anzac Day

On April 25th. Anzac Day takes place in Australia and New Zealand.

Why Anzac Day takes place? 

This day commemorates all soldiers of Australia and New Zealand who
served and died in all wars, conflicts and Peacekeeping operations.

What does Anzac mean?

Anzac stands for the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps.

What is the history behind Anzac?

During World War I Australia and New Zealand were placed on the side
of the Commonwealth.

In 1915 the soldiers formed a part of an expedition with as main objective
the capture of Constantinople, the capital of the Ottoman Empire (now is it
the city of Istanbul, located in Turkey).

The soldiers arrived in Gallipoli on April 25th.  and they had to deal with a
huge resistance of the Ottoman defenders. The campaign got stocked for
eight months. At the end of 1915 all the allied forces were evacuated from the
peninsula of Gallipoli. So sadly Gallipoli had a lot of impact in Australia and
New Zealand. That's why there are today commemorations for the fallen

Although the campaign in Gallipoli failed the forces of Australia and
New Zealand were best known for their powerful actions.

Source picture: Wikipedia