Today in History - April 23rd. 1521 - Battle of Villalar (Spain)

On April 23rd 1521, the Battle of Villalar took place.

Painting of the Battle of Villalar - Source picture: Wikipedia

The battle was a clash between rebels and royalist supporters of King Charles I. 
The last category took the victory.

After the battle the three most important leaders of the rebels:
Juan de Padilla, 
Juan Bravo,
Francisco Maldonado,
were taken captive and  beheaded at the Plaza of Villalar.

Treetuesday picture - Corfu - Gouviá

My Treetuesday picture is taken in Gouviá, that's a small (touristic) town in
Corfu (Greece).

Gouviá is located close to Corfu Town (around an half hour by bus). 
There are a lot of activities to do. (But I liked shopping the most) 

In the past Gouviá was used by the Venetians as port, shipyard and
store. There still is a ruin to visit.

Empress Elisabeth of Austria (Sisi) liked Corfu too, if you have time, 
of my blog.  

Today in History - April 22nd. 1971 - Death of Princess Anna of Montenegro

Princess Anna of Montenegro was born on August 18th.1874 in Cetinje.
Her parents were Nicholas I of Montenegro and Milena Vukotic.
Her sisters were married to a lot of European Royal Houses like those of
Russia, Serbia and Italy. They were all educated in Russia.

Princess Anna of Montenegro - Source picture: Wikipedia

On May 18th. 1897, Princess Anna of Montenegro married Prince 
Francis of Battenberg (youngest son of Prince Alexander by Hesse and by Rhine).

Prince Francis and Princess Anna were very happy together but they had no
children. The Royal Couple also was very popular with their respected families.

Anna died on April 22nd. 1971 in Montreux (Switzerland).

April 21st. 1926 - Birth of Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom

Elizabeth Alexandra Mary was born on April 21st. 1926, so
today she celebrates her B-Day.

In 1952 she became Queen. Queen Elizabeth was crowned on June 2nd. 1953.

Elizabeth II - Official Canadian Portrait
Source picture: Wikipedia

On the occasion of her Majesty's B-Day a new portrait is released.
On next link you can see the portrait:

What do you think about the new portrait? I like it very much.

Today in History - April 21st. 1574 - Death of Cosimo I de' Medici (Italy)

Cosimo de' Medici was born on June 12th. 1519 in Florence (Italy).

Cosimo de'Medici - Source picture: Wikipedia

His parents were Giovanni dalle Bande Nere and Maria Salviati.
Cosimo was a member of the House of Medici although from a different 
brand of the family.

In June 1537 Cosimo was recognized as head of the Florence State by 
Holy Roman Emperor Charles V.

In 1539 he married Eleonora di Toledo, daughter of Don Pedro Alvarez 
de Toledo  (Spanish Viceroy of Naples). They had 7 children together.

In 1570, after the death of Eleonora, Cosimo married Camilla Martelli. 
They had 1 child together.

Cosimo I de' Medici died on April 21st. 1574. He was succeeded by 
his son Francesco I de' Medici.

He was buried in the Medici Chapel @ the Basilica of San Lorenzo in


Like every de' Medici, Cosimo I was a patron of Art. 
He also promoted the Navy of Florence.
In Florence there is a big statue of Cosimo I de' Medici, on a horse.