Royal Art: Hans Memling - painter for the Burgundians and the Habsburgs

Hans Memling (sometimes referred as Memlinc) was born around 1430
in Selingenstadt near Frankfurt in the Middle Main region.

Memling - Shine of St. Ursula - Own Picture

Memling obtained his apprenticeship at Mains or Cologne. Later the
painter moved to the Low Countries. There, Memling worked with
Rogier van der Weyden in Brussels, Duchy of Brabant and at Bruges,
County of Flanders.

Memling -  Shrine of St. Ursula - Own picture

In 1477, Memling was wounded at the Battle of Nancy. Afterwards
the Hospitallers of Bruges took care about him. In 1479 and 1480
he painted this Hospitallers as a thank you.

Memling - Shrine of St. Ursula - Own picture

Memling worked for the Burgundian court and later for Archduke
Maximilian of Austria (Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian I).

Memling died on December 10th. 1495 in Bruges.

Nowadays a lot of his work stays at the St. John Hospital in Bruges.
Famous works like:
Shrine of St. Ursula (see above), and the portrait of Sibylla Samatha.

Memling - Sibylla Samantha - Portrait of a young woman

Like other painters his works are spread into Europe inter alia:
- The Louvre (Paris);
- National Gallery (London)
- Uffizi Gallery in Florence (Italy)
- Alte Pinakotek in Munich (Germany).

History - OnThisDay - October 16th. 1374 - Margaret of Burgundy

Although the exact date of birth of Margaret of Burgundy is unknown,
some sources refer her birth as October 16th. 1374. This took place at
Montbard (then a part of the Duchy of Burgundy now located in France).


Margaret of Burgundy was a daughter of Philip II, Duke of Burgundy
and Margaret III, Countess of Flanders. She was inter alia the sister of
John the Fearless.

Love and Marriage

On April 12th. 1385 a double wedding took place in Cambrai. 
Margaret of Burgundy married William II of Bavaria and her brother,
John the Fearless married Margaret of Bavaria, William's sister.

Margaret and William would have one daughter:
Jacqueline, Countess of Hainaut. 


Margaret of Burgundy had a lot of political influence over her husband.
William II of Bavaria ruled both Holland and Hainaut but the couple
preferred Holland to spend most of their time. 

In the 1410's Margaret was granted several towns and castles as her
personal fiefs.

In 1417 William died of a dog bite and Jacqueline would inherit his 
land with the exception of Bavaria. 


On March 8th. 1441, Margaret of Burgundy died at Le Quesnoy. She
lived thus longer than her daughter, her only child.... 

Source picture:Wikipedia

History - OnThisDay - October 13th. 1499 - Claude of France

Claude of France was born on October 13th 1499 at Romorantin-Lanthenay
(now located in the Loir et Cher department in central France).


Her parents were King Louis XII of France and his wife Anne of Brittany.
Claude had a younger sister Renée of France.

Love and marriage

On August 10th 1501 there was a signed marriage contract between
Claude and the future Holy Roman Emperor Charles V. She was then 2 years
old, he one year old. In 1505, Louis XII of France canceled this agreement.

Instead Claude married on May 18th 1514 to her cousin Francis,
who would become King Francis I of France.

Claude and Francis would have 7 children, two of them became over
30 years old.


In 1515, Anne Boleyn stayed in Francis ' household as translator
for his English documents. However she returned in 1521 in England.

On May 10th 1517, Claude was crowned as Queen of France. She
spent most of her married life with pregnancies and her husband had
many mistresses, although he was discrete.


Claude of France died on July 20th 1524 at the Château de Blois.
She was buried at the Saint Denis Basilica.

Source pictures: Wikipedia