Royal Art - Michiel Coxie - Painter who served the Habsburgs

Michiel Coxie (1499 - 3 March 1592) was born in Mechelen, then a
part of the Duchy of Brabant, nowadays located in Belgium.

Michiel Coxie followed his training with Bernard van Orley.
More about Bernard van Orley on this link.

Between 1530 and 1539, he visited Italy. At Rome Michiel Coxie
painted the chapel of Cardinal Enckenvoirt in the church of the
Santa Maria dell' Anima.

When Coxie returned to the Netherlands, he went to Mechelen where
he made an altar piece for the Guild of St. Luke.

Michiel Coxie

Painter at the Royal Court

Michel Coxie became painter at the Royal Court of the Habsburgs in
1541 after the death of Bernard van Orley. He served for Regent
Maria of Austria and he was patronized by Holy Roman Emperor,
Charles V. Later he worked for King Philip II of Spain.

For King Philip II of Spain Coxie also made the tapestries of the
Royal Palace in Madrid.

His works

There are two amazing cathedrals in Belgium, where people can
visit works of Michiel Coxie.

1/ St. Rumbold's Cathedral in Mechelen
2/ St. Michael and St. Gudula Cathedral in Brussel.

A lot of Michiel Coxie's works are spread around the world.

There are etchings of him inter alia at
- County Museum of Art in Los Angeles;
- The British Museum in London

There are paintings of him inter alia at:
Szépmüvészeti Múzeum in Boedapest

Michiel Coxie - Brussels

History - OnThisDay -November 30th. 1340 - John, Duke of Berry

November 30th. 1340 marks the birth of John of Berry also called
John the Magnificent.


John of Berry was born as a son of King John II of France and
Bonne of Bohemia.

His siblings were inter alia:

King Charles V of France;
Philip II, Duke of Burgundy;
Joan, Queen of Navarre;

Love and Marriage

John, Duke of Berry first was married to Joan of Armagnac
(1346-1387). They would have 5 children.

He also had one illegitimate son with a Scottish

In 1389 he married his second wife Joan II, Countess of
Auvergne. They would have no children together.


By his birth, his father granted him the title:
Count of Poitou.

In 1360, Poitiers was ceded to England. John was
created Duke of Berry and Auvergne.

The Treaty of Brétigny declared that John became
hostage to the English crown. He remained in England
till 1369.

In 1380, Johns older brother died and he became
one of the regents for King Charles VI of France, who
was then a minor.

Besides his duties, John, Duke of Berry also was an
important art patron.


John, Duke of Berry died on June 15th. 1416 at the age
of 75 in Paris.

Source pictures: Wikipedia

History - OnThisDay - November 25th. 1743 - Prince William Henry, Duke of Gloucester and Edinburgh

Prince William, Duke of Gloucester and Edinburgh was born on
November 25th. 1743 at Leicester House in London.


His parents were Frederick, Prince of Wales and Princess Augusta
of Saxe-Gotha.

His grandparents were inter alia King George II and Caroline of

On October 25th. 1760, Prince William's brother succeeded his
father as King George III.

On November 19th. 1764, Prince William was styled Duke of 
Gloucester and Edinburgh and Earl of Connaught. 

Love and Marriage

In 1764, Prince William began to court Maria Walpole, the 
Dowager Countess of Waldegrave. 

In 1766, he and Maria maria married in secret in his home on
the Pall Mall. 

This marriage only became known to the King after the passing
of the Royal Marriages Act 1772. The couple would have 3 
children. He also had a illegitimate daughter, born with his

However, their marriage was valid, Maria never was received
at court due to the anger of the King.


Prince William initially wished for active service in the military,
but due to his health and his intelligence, this wasn't a great 

However in 1766, he was appointed colonel of the 13th 
Regiment of the Foot. 

In 1767 he was promoted to major-general. He also was made
the 13th. Chancellor of Trinity College, Dublin in 1771. He held 
this post until 1805.

With the outbreak of the American Revolutionary War, the Duke
hoped for a field command but King George refused. 


The Duke died at Gloucester House in London on August 25th. 1805.
He was buried at St. George 's Chapel in Windsor on 
September 4th. 1805. 

Source pictures: Wikipedia