The Netherlands: A Royal History

picture taken by Ann Debbaut at Madame Tussauds in Amsterdam

This wonderful picture of King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands was taken
by my lovely colleague and friend, Ann Debbaut, at Madame Tussauds in

As I'm born in Belgium, I often have the chance to visit our beautiful neighbor:
The Netherlands.

Already from the very start of this blog in 2012, I met some other interesting people
online and offline as well, who have their own interest in royal history.

People like:

- Oscar Meijer from the Dutch blog De Staat van Oranje
- De Oranjes
- Netty Leistra from the site Netty Royal
- Linda & Jolanda from Royalty Twins
- Wills Vendrig from the site Koningsfan
- Royaltykids

And many more, who I can't mention all!

But let's return to the very beginning of All About Royal families and to the
amazing royal history of the Netherlands.

WILLEM  I (1815-1840)

King Willem I and his first wife
picture taken at Het Loo Palace in Apeldoorn

Born: 1772
Died: 1843

Married 1/:

Wilhelmina of Prussia


Willem II
Prince Frederick
Princess Pauline
Princess Marianne

See also my History/ OnThisDay blogpost on this link 

Married 2/ Henrietta d'Oultremont.

WILLEM II (1840 - 1849)

File:King Willem II.jpg

Born: 1792
Died: 1849

Married: Anna Pavlovna of Russia (daughter of Tsar Paul I)

File:Hulst - Portrait of Queen Paulowna.jpg


*      Willem III
*      Prince Alexander
*      Prince Henry
                Today in History on this link 
*      Prince Ernst Casimir
*      Princess Sophie

WILLEM III (1849 - 1890)

File:Portrait of King Willem III of the Netherlands, Nicolaas Pieneman (1856).jpg

Born: 1817
Died: 1890


1/ Sophie of Württemberg


Prince Willem
Prince Maurice ( in Dutch Maurits)
Prince Alexander

2/ Emma of Waldeck and Pyrmont



WILHELMINA (1890-1948)

File:Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands.jpg

Born: 1880
Died: 1962


Duke Henry of Mecklenburg-Schwerin

File:Prince Henry of Holland.jpg



The former royal family of the Netherlands
Prince Hendrik, Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands, and
Queen Juliana then Princess
own picture taken at Het Loo Palace in Apeldoorn 

More about Queen Wilhelmina of The Netherlands and World War II on
this link.

JULIANA (1948-1980)

File:Staatsieportret van prinses Juliana.jpg

Born: 1909
Died: 2004


Bernard of Lippe-Biesterfeld

File:Prince Bernhard 1942.jpg


Queen Beatrix
Princess Irene
Princess Margriet
Princess (Maria) Christina

More about Queen Juliana of the Netherlands on this link.

BEATRIX (1980-2013)

Queen Beatrix during her Christmas Speech in 2012
Source picture: Koninklijk Huis - Nederland

Former Queen Beatrix of The Netherlands
picture taken in 2017 in the Royal palace at the Dam in Amsterdam

More about former Queen Beatrix of The Netherlands, check this link.

From 23 March 2017 till 27 August 2017 there is an exhibition in
'Loo Palace' in Apeldoorn called Chapeaux!

I made a blogpost about the exhibition , check this link

Born: 1938


Claus von Amsberg (died in 2002)

File:Prins Claus.png


Prince Willem-Alexander
Prince Friso
Prince Constantijn

Special today in History on the occasion of her 80th. B-Day.
Check this link

Travel Palace Noordeinde The Hague The Netherlands
Palace Noordeinde - The Hague - The Netherlands taken in 2013


King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands


Máxima Zorreguieta Cerruti

Queen Maxima of the Netherlands - own picture


Catharina Amalia, Princess of Orange
Princess Alexia
Princess Ariane

Source pictures:

Koninklijk huis
own pictures or pictures of friends

Source text

- Wikipedia
- Bruiden van Oranje - author: Yvonne Hoebe
- Magazine:
Excellent Dutch Magazine: Vorsten

Souvenir Palace Noordeinde The Hague The Netherlands
Souvenir Palace Noordeinde The Hague The Netherlands

Royal Families who ruled over the Netherlands in the past:

Some interesting royal locations in the Netherlands:

Amsterdam Royal Palace The Netherlands

The Royal Palace at the Dam in Amsterdam, own picture taken in 2017
More about the history of this amazing building, check this link

Old Loo - Apeldoorn - The Netherlands

The Old Loo in Apeldoorn, The Netherlands taken in 2017
More about the history of this amazing building, check this link

Palace the Loo in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands taken in 2017

Sluis - The Netherlands

Belfry of Sluis the Netherlands, picture taken in 2018
More about the history of Sluis, check this link

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