Royal Shopping Destinations - Avenue Louise in Brussels

One of the most expensive and prestigious streets in Brussels, capital of Belgium,
is the Avenue Louise. The street runs southeast from the Place Louise till the
Bois de la Chambre. It covers a distance of 2,7 kilometers or 1,7 miles.

Avenue Louise Brussels Belgium

Some History

The Avenue Louise was commissioned in 1847 as a monumental avenue
bordered by chestnut Trees.

During World War II, Brussels was occupied by the German military.
The Nazi security organization set up their headquarter at the
Avenue Louise.

On January 20th. 1943, Jean de Selys Longchamps attacked this headquarter.
Jean de Selys Longchamps was a Belgian aristocrat and pilot by RAF.
For this pilot there is still a monument on the Avenue Louise before the number

Royal Link

The name Avenue Louise was chosen in honor for Princess Louise of Belgium.
She was the eldest daughter of King Leopold II.

Source picture: Wikipedia

I wrote a 'Today in History' about the tragic life of Princess Louise, which
you can read on this link.


Nowadays the Avenue Louise is a famous shopping destination in Brussels.
There are shops from inter alia:

Avenue Louise Brussels Belgium

Avenue Louise Brussels Belgium

Avenue Louise Brussels Belgium

The famous fashion house Natan also has its shop on the Avenue Louise.

Natan Shop Avenue Louise Brussels Belgium

You can read more about Natan on this link

The second part of the Avenue Louise is not so interesting although there are
a lot of embassies from countries like:

* Dominican Republic;
* Montenegro;
* Argentina;
* Brazil;
* Croatia
* Bahrain etc...

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