Churchill and The King

If you want to know more about the history of World War II, the book
Churchill and The King, written by historian Kenneth Weisbrode is
certainly worth to read.

Churchill and The King is about the wartime alliance of two complete
different but yet the same people during a severe crisis.

This book was published on March 31st. 2015 by Penguin Books, it
contained 224 pages devided in a preface and 10 chapters.

Winston Churchill
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Though there are some excellent biographies of both Churchill and
King George VI, this book digged out the relationship between one of
the two most important men of World War II.

The author first talked about the history of these two noble men. He made
excellent comparisons between King George VI and Churchill. He
mentioned their education, their childhood and most of all about their
family. The two had more in common than anyone may have thought.

When the war started in 1940, Churchill replaced Chamberlain as Prime
Minister, so King George VI had to deal with him.

King George VI of the United Kingdom
Source picture: Wikipedia

The book mentioned the most important British events during World War II
together with the reactions of King George VI and Churchill.

The historical events of World War II were short listed in the book, though
I learned again something new, so I'm glad I read Churchill and the King.

Churchill and the King ebook on Kobo Reader

On this youtube link you can hear a speech from Winston Churchill
during World War II. More on next link.

Shopping at Galeries Lafayette in Paris France

One of the most amazing shopping experiences of France is located at the corner
of the rue La Fayette and the Chaussée d'Antin in Paris. It received the name:
Galeries Lafayette.

Besides the great shopping experience, Galeries Lafayette also has a great
history which started already in the 19th. century.

Galeries Lafayette Christmas shopping in Paris France

Some History

In 1893, two men Théophile Bader and his nephew Alphonse Kahn
associated to open a 'novelty store' at the rue Lafayette in Paris. This took
place between 1894 and 1895. Then it had a surface of 70 square meters.

During the years the two could acquire the buildings around their Galeries.
Bader commissioned the architect Georges Chedanne and his pupil
Ferdinand Chanut to design their new store at the Haussmann location.
This was built in the Art Nouveau style and the works were finished in

After 1940, the original owners, who were Jews, lost their Galeries.
But nowadays the Galeries were ruled again by descendants of their
original owners.

Galeries Lafayette in Paris France

Shops around the world

The Galeries Lafayette spread its wings around the world. From 2017
there are shops in:
- Istanbul (Turkey);
- Shanghai (China);
- Luxembourg;
- Kuwait.

Galeries Lafayette in Paris France - Great Food

Royal clients

During the time, the Galeries Lafayette hosted many VIPS and royals

- Duchess of Windsor;

Wallis Simpson, Duchess of Windsor
Source picture: Wikipedia

- in 1960 Mrs Khrushchev;
- Bill Clinton;
- Prince Charles (opened the London exhibition).

Art Nouveau Dome at Galeries Lafayette 

A visit

When I'm in Paris, I always try to visit the Galeries Lafayette. It's a
wonderful and impressive experience, especially around the
Christmas period. Then a large Christmas Tree is ornated in the
Art Nouveau Dome.

The rooftop of Galeries Lafayette also is worth a visit! On a sunny
day the views really are amazing.

Rooftop views on top of the Galeries Lafayette in Paris France

More about Galeries Lafayette on this link