17 November 1905 Astrid of Sweden

17 November 1905 marks the birth of Princess Astrid of Sweden. She
received the full name: Astrid Sofia Lovisa Thyra.

Her birth took place at the Arvfurstens Palats in Stockholm in Sweden.
Nowadays this is the seat of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Princess Astrid was the third child and the youngest daughter of
Prince Carl, Duke of Västergöteland and Princess Ingeborg of Denmark.

Her paternal grandparents were:
King Oscar II of Sweden and Sophia of Nassau.

Her maternal grandparents were:
King Frederick VIII of Denmark and Louise of Sweden.

She had 2 older sisters: Margaretha who would marry to
Prince Axel of Denmark and Märtha who would marry to King Olav V of

She had 1 younger brother: Prince Carl Bernadotte.

Princess Astrid was thus a member of the royal house of Bernadotte.


Astrid was raised in the strict education and with not much luxury.
She studied sewing, piano, ballet and childcare.

She enjoyed outdoor sports as: swimming, skiing, climbing,
horseback riding and golf.

Love and Marriage

Astrid was a possible bride for the future King Edward VIII of the
United Kingdom (who would marry to Wallis Simpson) and for
King Olav V of Norway (who would marry to Princess Astrid's
sister Märtha).

She finally married to then Crown Prince Leopold III of Belgium.
On 4 November 1926, a civil wedding took place in Stockholm.
On 10 November 1926, a wedding for the church took place at
the Cathedral of St. Michael and St. Gudula in Brussels, Belgium.


On 29 August 1935, Astrid, then Queen of Belgium died at
Küssnacht in Switzerland. More about this very sad event on this

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Books on Sunday Prince Charles

On 14 November 2019, Charles, Prince of Wales became 71 years old.
But who is this man exactly? If you want to know this question, you
certainly have to read the book:

"Prince Charles: The Passions and Paradoxes of an Improbable life".

The book was first published in April 2017 by Random House and
translated to Dutch by Rik Smith and published by Nieuw Amsterdam.

Prince Charles is the oldest heir to the throne in more than 100 years.
This special record was an eyeopener for me and a reason
to read this biography.

The book tells about his childhood, his education, the carreer in the army,
his meeting with several women, the dream wedding with Lady Diana
Spencer, the reunion with his love Camila and his relationship with
William, Catherine, Harry and his grandchildren.

The book shows a complicated, independent man although he still waits
after more than 5 decades for the throne.

'Prince Charles' was written very fluently!

After watching the series The Crown (a new season starts on 17 November
2019, yeah!!!) this book really is worth to read. Because, I think,
Prince Charles written by Sally Bedell Smith is historically more accurate
than The Crown.

Sally Bedell Smith is an American historian and an author specialized in
biographies of American political, cultural, and business leaders as well as
members of the British Royal Family.

She wrote inter alia:

- Diana, Princess of Wales. Diana in search of herself: Portrait of a Troubled

- The Kennedys

- Bill and Hillary Clinton

- Elizabeth II - Elizabeth the Queen

and of course this masterwork: Prince Charles.

I really enjoyed reading this book.

The Dutch version

Source pictures: Bookcovers