Royal Books on Sunday

The last weeks were busy ones, so I only could read two fantastic royal books.
The first one was Victoria the Queen, written by Julia Baird, which is of
course a splendid biography about Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom.

I liked reading this interesting book about Queen Victoria, which was written 
very well and it gives an idea about her life from birth till death. 

It also describes the era of Queen Victoria , her ministers, writers,
inventors and many other important people. 

This is a biography as it should be. 

The other royal biography was a book written in Dutch about an other
interesting queen: Queen Elisabeth of Belgium written by Ralf De Jonge.

Elisabeth became the third queen of Belgium from 1909 till 1934. In the
book, which also was written very well the author tells about Elisabeth's
youth in Bavaria, about her bond with her aunt Empress Elisabeth of
Austria (Sisi) , her marriage to Crown Prince Albert of Belgium, her 
duties as a Queen and of course about the World Wars too. She had big
dramas in her life, deaths of family members as well as professional dramas
such as the abdication of her son King Leopold III of Belgium. Anyway
this is a must read for history lovers. 

Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom and Elisabeth, the third Queen of
Belgium were both very extraordinary women. They had a special function
and a very high position in society. It is worth to read more about them.

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Historical Hotel Avenida Palace in Lisbon

The Hotel Avenida Palace, in the heart of the center of Lisbon (near the
Rossio Railway Station on this link) not only has a great location but
also a beautiful history.

Some history

The Avenida Palace Hotel was founded at the end of the 19th. century. It
opened the doors in 1892.

Then Carlos I was King of Portugal. The same year on 14 June 1892
the country was declared bankrupt. More about Carlos I of Portugal
on this link

During the Belle Époque the hotel was one of the best in Europe for its
style, location and standard of service.

When the Republic of Portugal was established, during the Spanish
civil war and during the two World Wars, the Avenida Palace Hotel
was an active stage for political intrigue and espionage.


Nowadays (8 October 2019) The Avenida Palace Hotel in Lisbon,
Portugal  still has great reviews on TripAdvisor. It is number 6th of
the 281 Hotels in Lisbon. Most of the comments really are very good.

My pictures of the Avenida Palace Hotel in Lisbon are taken in