The Weekend Special - The Royal Family of Belgium - Queen Fabiola

Queen Fabiola of Belgium was born on June 11th. 1928 in Madrid in Spain.
Her parents were Gonzalo de Mora Fernández Riera del Olmo and
Blanca de Aragón y Carrillo de Albornoz Barroeta-Aldamar y Elio.

Queen Fabiola - picture from a book

She was the sister of Jaime de Mora y Aragón,
a Spanish actor and jet set playboy.


King Baudouin and Queen Fabiola - picture from a postcard which I
recieved from Oscar Meiyer - 
Creator of the Dutch blog: 'De Staat van Oranje'.

King Baudouin married Queen Fabiola in 1960.
They were a very happy couple but they could not have children.

Queen Fabiola doesn't appear much in public anymore, but for the
Queen Elisabeth Music Contest
she gladly makes an exception.
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