The Weekend Special about Crown Princess Mary of Denmark - Children & Godchildren

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary have 4 children. They were all born in
the Copenhagen University Hospital.


Copenhagen University Hospital -Source picture: Wikipedia

The Children are:

Prince Christian

Source picture: Wikipedia

Princess Isabella

Source picture: Wikipedia

and a twin: Prince Vincent &Princess Josephine

Crown Princess Mary is godmother of:

Holger Reedtz-Thott, a son of Mary's friend barones Helle Reedtz-Thott;
Josephine Flemming, daughter of Caroline and Rory Flemming;
Prince Henrik of Denmark, son of Prince Joachim and his wife Princess Marie;
Princess Estelle of Sweden, daughter of Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel;


Crown Princess Mary of Denmark is godmother of Princess Estelle of Sweden 
Picture: Wikipedia

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