The Weekend Special - Maria Feodorovna of Russia - Exile - Death and Burial(s)

After the Russian Revolution, Maria Feodorovna moved to Denmark.
There she lived for years in
Hvidøre House near Copenhagen.

Hvidøre House - Wikipedia


Dagmar and Alexandra @ Hvidøre House - Source picture: Wikipedia

In Denmark there were a lot of Russian émigrées.
For them, Maria Feodorovna still remained the Empress.

She died on October 13th. 1928. 
There were services in the Alexander Nevsky Church.


Alexander Nevsky Church - Source picture: Wikipedia

Later she was interred in the Roskilde Cathedral in Denmark.


Roskilde Cathedral in Denmark - Source picture

And if you may think the story of Maria Feodorovna is over yet, you're wrong.

In 2005, Queen Margarethe II of Denmark and Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, 
made an agreement that the Empress's remains should be returned to Saint Petersburg 
according to her last wishes.

In 2006, there were a number of ceremonies and the remains of 
Empress Maria Feodorovna were interred next to her husband, Tsar Alexander III 
in the Peter and Paul Cathedral in Saint Petersburg.
I hope, she may now rest in peace.

Saint Peter and Paul Cathedral - Source: Wikipedia

Reading about Empress Maria Feodorovna and the last Russian Imperial family,
 makes me a bit sad. Royal History is not always a fairytale...

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this Weekend Special!
I wish you a lovely Sunday and a good start of the brand new week.

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