The Weekend Special is about the History of the Greek Royal Family - House of Glücksburg

From 1863 till 1924 and from 1935 till 1973, a new Royal Family ruled over Greece.
They were members of the House of Glücksburg.

Royal Standard of the Kingdom Greece (1936 - 1967) - 
Source picture: Wikipedia 

The House of Glücksburg is a German Ducal House with a lot of
junior branches of Royal Families through all Europe.
This is a short summary:

- Denmark;

Royal Coat of Arms - Source: Wikipedia

- Greece;
- Iceland (now a republic);

Coat of Arms of Iceland

- Norway;

Royal Coat of Arms of Norway - Source picture: Wikipedia

- Schleswig-Holstein;

Wappen Herzog of Schleswig-Holstein - Source: Wikipedia

- House of Windsor (United Kingdom) via Prince Philip
(husband of Queen Elizabeth).

Coat of Arms of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh; husband of Queen Elizabeth.

As you can see, there are a lot of relatives from the former
Greek Royal Family.
And by marriage there are more ...
I'll will tell you more in my next blogposts ...
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