The Weekend Special - The Netherlands - William the Silent - Early life

William of Orange

On April 24th. 1533, William the Silent was born in the castle of Dillenburg in the
Dutchy of Nassau. That was located in the Holy Roman Empire
(now in Hesse - Germany).

He was the eldest son of William, Count of Nassau and 
Juliana of Stolberg - Wernigerode.

In 1544, his cousin René of Châlon died.
William, Count of Nassau inherited all of Châlon's properties and all his titles including 
Prince of Orange on one condition: he must receive a Roman Catholic education. 

This was the foundation of the House of Orange Nassau which still exists today. 

Holy Roman Emperor Charles V (see page: House of Habsburg 
on top of my blog) was regent of the principality due to Williams minority.

William I was sent to the Netherlands to receive education. First to Breda later to 
Brussels (now in Belgium) under the supervision of Mary of Habsburg, 
sister of Charles V and governor of The Netherlands 
(see also page: House of Habsburg on top of my blog

Source pictures: Wikipedia
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