The Weekend Special - The Netherlands - William The Silent - Death and his influence on the modern society

On July 10th. 1584, Balthasar Gérard killed William I in his home in Delft,
now known as the


Prinsenhof - Source picture: Wikipedia

Balthasar Gérard was a French catholic and a supporter of the 
Spanish King Philip II.

Source picture: Wikipedia

In May 1584, Balthasar Gérard presented himself as a 
French Nobleman and gave William I the seal of of the Count of Mansfelt. 

William sent Gérard back to France
to pass the seal on his French allies.

During his trip, Gérard bought guns ...

On July 10 he made an appointment with William of Orange in his home in Delft.
Before his appointment with Gérard, the Prince of Orange had a dinner. 
He walked out the dining room and at the stairs, Gérard shooted William in his

In that time, members of the Nassau family were buried in Gouda.
But this city was then in Spanish hands. So, William I became the 
first member of the Nassau family who is buried in Delft.

Own Pictures of a model of the Royal Crypt in the 
Nieuwe 'New' Church in Delft.

Travel Model of the Royal Crypt in New Church in Delft The Netherlands

Travel Model of the Royal Crypt in New Church in Delft The Netherlands

Travel Model of the Royal Crypt in New Church in Delft The Netherlands

Delft new Church Royal Crypt model

Delft new Church Royal Crypt model

Model of the New Church and the Royal Crypt - l
ast one was taken by Oscar Meijer from the

William I of Orange was a very interesting person. 
Of course I can tell more about him, but this Weekend Special was too short. 
His influence on the modern Dutch society is still great.

Some facts about William I of Orange:

- He is the ancestor of the Dutch Monarchy;
- The flag of The Netherlands (red, white and blue) is based on that of 
  William of Orange which was
   Orange, White and Blue;
- The Coat of Arms which is used by the Dutch Royal Family is based on that of 
   William of Orange;
- The motto of the Dutch Royal Family 'Je Maintiendrai' 
  was also used by William of Orange;
- The National anthem of The Netherlands 'Wilhelminus' was written as 
   propaganda song for 
   William of Orange;
- The color Orange is still used by Dutch athletes.

Why was he called 'William the Silent' in Dutch 
'Willem De Zwijger' ?

William the Silent wasn't that quiet or silent. 
He was optimistic and eloquent.
William of Orange disguised his intentions very well.

In The Netherlands he also is called  'Father of the Fatherland in Dutch: 
Vader Des Vaderlands'. 

With this facts and figures I'll end my Weekend Special.
I hope you all have a great Week. 
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