Today in History - September 30th. 1399 - Henry IV became King of England

On September 30th. 1399, Henry IV became King of England and
Lord of Ireland. He reigned till 1413.

Picture: Henry IV Coronation - Source Wikipedia

Henry IV was born on April 15th. 1367 in Bolingbroke Castle.

His parents were John of Gaunt, 1st. Duke of Lancaster and
Blanche of Lancaster.

Henry IV was a member of the House of Plantagenet.
In this House there where 4 distinct Royal Families:


Henry IV belonged to the  Royal Family of Lancaster.

Henry IV married twice:
- Mary de Bohun and
- Joan of Navarre.

He died on March 20th. 1413 in London.
He was not buried in Westminster Abbey but in the
Canterbury Cathedral.
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